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Your Cordless Phone – Friend or Foe?

written by Guest Blogger March 9, 2012

Back in December Live Lighter reader, Emmanuel, asked about the dangers of cordless phones in Cell Phone Radiation: Are You in the Know? Guest blogger and author of that post, Lloyd Burrell, is back today to answer that question more fully! 


First we had the telephone. When it first came out that we were able to speak with someone when they weren’t even in the same room as you, wow that really was something!

The next great progress was the cordless phone. You could actually walk round the house, if not garden, while speaking on the phone. Amazing!

But now as we advance into the 21st century, more and more people are looking to give away or even throw away their cordless phones, in favor of a convenient cellular phone plan. Getting a family plan often makes for sound reasoning economically speaking, as well as being super-convenient.

Don’t do away with your land-line too soon because many people, and a growing number in the scientific community, believe that cordless phones can induce serious health issues due to the radiation they emit.

In a report just out, John Wargo, PhD and a professor at Yale University for Environmental Risk & Policy, says: “The scientific evidence is sufficiently robust showing that cellular devices pose significant health risks to children and pregnant women.”

Any electrical device produces electromagnetic fields (EMF radiation), but cordless phones are some of the worst offenders. If you don’t believe me you can see for yourself using an EMF Acoustimeter or similar device, which can give you accurate readings of EMF radiation.

Also known as DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Communication, cordless phones just like cell phones emit radio frequency radiation from the cordless phone base 24/7 (even when the phone is on standby) and from the handset when it is in use.

The European Journal of Oncology (cancer) recently conducted a study on cordless phone radiation which found that this type of radiation may cause a rapid or irregular heartbeat. Some people enrolled in this study suffered from symptoms of pain, chest pressure, and anxiety.

Do you have multiple bases for your cordless phone network? Having several bases saves time, but it also creates more exposure. RF (radio frequencies) go right through ceilings and walls so if you do have cordless phones and bases, then where you put them is crucial.

Tip: If your phone bases are unplugged, they won’t be emitting radiation.

What Else Is Important To Know?

A report by Powerwatch, non-profit making organization goes into detail about the microwave radiation pulses which cordless phones emit.

In talk mode the handset which we press against our ear and head, is constantly pulsing with bursts of radiation up to 250 milliwatts. This radiation is dangerous because it is in close proximity to our head and its pulsing at a fixed level, unlike cell phones which have the technology to “turn down” their power level.

Research shows that consistent pulsing, as is emitted by these phones, is responsible for many adverse biological effects. These effects can include:

  • Damage to a blood cell’s genes
  • Vital blood chemical supression
  • Clinical depression
  • Certain forms of Organic dementias
  • Tumors of the brain
  • Miscarriages
  • Dysfunction of the immune system
  • Ear and headaches
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Concentration and memory loss, as well as attention disorders

Aren’t you convinced yet about the dangers of EMFs and your cordless phone? Why not buy an EMF meter and see for yourself? Check out the radiation levels of your phone and similar wireless devices.

So what’s to be done about cordless phone radiation?

Solutions to Ponder

  1. Chuck it! Ditch it! Throw it away! Revert back to a corded phone. This might appear to be radical and retro, but it’s an easy, effective and cheap solution. You can also recycle it so that some use can come from the thing.
  2. Get yourself an eco-DECT or low EMF cordless phone. They emit far less EMF radiation.
  3. Put your phone base in a more remote place in your home. At least six feet away from people is best to minimize the effects of the radiation.
  4. Use your phone only when you need it, you might need to charge it an hour or so before.
  5. At night, take out the electric plug from the wall socket.
  6. Make your calls on your cordless brief. Don’t let children talk for hours.
  7. Use the speaker phone function. This keeps the phone away from your head. Try not to shout too much as this can distort your voice at the other end.

Remember, wherever you go around your home, and you have your cordless phone glued to your ear, the EMF radiation is a hitchhiker as well!

About the Author

Lloyd Burrell developed a sensitivity to EMFs in 2002 and has spent the last 10 years researching this issue. He now likes to share his insights by writing on his blog and other websites to raise awareness about the dangers of cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, dirty electricity and EMFs generally. He encourages people be pro-active on this issue and gives advice on EMF shielding and protection and lifestyle changes you can make which can be of significant help in dealing with this issue. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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