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What Have You Been Doing Differently in 2013? (Live Lighter news included!)

written by Head Health Nutter January 15, 2013

Wow, I really hope January has been as good to you as it has been for me so far! Today I’d like to share some good news with you, how it will affect your Live Lighter reading in the upcoming month or so, and, of course, hear how 2013 has been shaping up for YOU!

It started off slow but the momentum has been building at a comfortable pace over these first two weeks of 2013. I’m getting back on track with my life, slowly but surely!

There have been a few motivating factors, from re-prioritizing to taking regular supplements and being more physical. The one factor I’d rate most helpful at this time, though, is some gentle butt-kicking from two wonderful, intelligent and high-spirited women I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time with!

One of these women is a professional life coach, Kathy-Ann Fox (a.k.a. the Oxygen Coach, you can reach her at yolandafox@rocketmail.com) and in these two meeting we’ve shared our energy, ideas, motivation and wisdom.

They’ve helped me out tremendously, both┬ámentally and emotionally. They gave me that little extra push I needed (when I needed it); they listened to me, got to the root of my procrastination and provided practical advice for moving forward with my goals.

Live Lighter News!

Kathy and Mina have been assisting me specifically in one area of my life that’s been stuck for awhile now… Live Lighter!

I’d like to pause here and welcome all the new subscribers and readers to Live Lighter. To catch you up, I’ve had very good intentions to do a blog redesign for awhile now, making it easier on your eyes and more organized so you can access the information you need to come up with a personalized health plan all on your own. (Read Life Happens: Sporadic Posting Notice)

Due to my recent Oxygen Sessions, my fire for this goal has been reignited!

While I’m getting all my ducks lined up for the blog redesign, sporadic publishing will continue and most of the content will be contributed by guest bloggers. This will allow me time to prioritize my blog redesign goal while performing my usual responsibilities (part/full-time serving gig and professional freelance writing) and working on my other life areas (like relationships and self-care!).

You never know, though, I may be able to create some extra time and energy to check in with you and see how your 2013 goals are progressing and share some personal updates, especially regarding my oxygen coaching and the blog redesign!

I hope the content in the following weeks will keep you entertained and informed until the re-launch, where I have much in store for you! (Why do a redesign without revamping the content program, too?)

With all this in mind, I hope you’ll understand if it takes me some time when answering your comment and email. (This goes for you, too, guest bloggers!) Once all goes as planned, after the re-launch I’ll be able to simplify life and spend more time producing better content and collaborating with you in how we can live lighter everyday!

What Have YOU Been Up To?

I’d love to hear about how your 2013 has been so far. Please feel free to share your goals, challenges and thoughts on how to overcome them. And if you don’t have any possible solutions, maybe we can brainstorm some together!

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