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Why Women Should Incorporate Protein Drinks into Their Diet

written by Guest Blogger February 21, 2016

If you’ve ever worked with a personal trainer or frequently read the blogs of personal trainers, you’ll notice that they push incorporating protein powder into our diet. Ever wonder why? Well in today’s article by Arina Thoggy, you’ll learn seven startling benefits for women by drinking protein drinks every day. 

It’s not uncommon to come across women who push away protein powders on the grounds that they are meant specifically for bodybuilders. While there’s a measure of truth in the fact that these drinks lead to lean muscle mass, these drinks bring about a slew of other benefits such as increasing a feeling of fullness, facilitating fat loss, delivering essential nutrients and improving metabolic activity.

Benefits of Protein Drinks

#1. Muscle gain: It’s important for all women to have a regular intake of protein as this helps retain muscle mass and reduces the risks of osteoporosis. If your diet does not contain adequate amounts of proteins, drinking protein drinks can take care of that shortfall and help you get enough of this essential nutrient.

#2. Fat loss: You can lose weight and fat if you drink a protein shake to replace a meal. These drinks are also known to boost your metabolism.

#3. Essential vitamins and minerals: If you make shakes at home or buy certain shakes made of vegetables and fresh fruits, you can get the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals, plus good taste! So, it will facilitate your body’s daily functioning and help with repairing your skin, bones, blood, cartilage and muscles. A good protein drink can also improve your immunity and can help you recover faster from an accident or illness by growing new tissue faster.

Fortunately, these wonderful products can be easily purchased at any health store–online or offline–particularly if you use Discount codes for Health Monthly.

#4. Reverses the signs of skin aging: When your intake consists of a high level of protein, such as in protein drinks, it can help delay or reverse the signs of skin aging, so you stay looking youthful and healthy for much longer. Your skin will become more taut and blemish-free.

#5. Healthier nails and hair: If your nails are known to split or become brittle or break or grow very slowly, it means your body needs just a little more protein. One way of overcoming this deficiency is to take protein drinks so that your nail and hair growth are resilient. Your hair growth also improves in quantity and quality and is glossy too with regular intake of protein drinks.

#6. Easy to digest: Protein drinks are obviously liquid, making them easy to digest. If you go to the gym, you can take one along with you and have it after your workout.

#7. 100% natural: Protein drinks are made entirely from fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. The absence of additives and preservatives, sugars or artificial sweeteners makes these drinks entirely natural and safe for consumption.

While protein drinks have proved to be very effective in a number of ways, yet one shouldn’t purchase them without checking with one’s doctor. If you work out at a gym, check with your trainer and ask only for those that help you meet your goals. However, as everyone knows, it’s best not to depend on these drinks entirely, but have an intelligent mix of daily fresh and nutritious food, protein drinks and fluids.

About the Author

Arina Thoggy is a Part Time Blogger and a full time horse rider who writes for Land of Deals. She likes to talk about women’s health and workouts. 

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Lovisa Karlsson March 3, 2016 at 7:27 am

In comparison to men, women have weak body. Due to this, women must need to take high protein shake juice. I also take a protein for my body fitness.


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