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Why Spring Cleaning Your Soul is Part of Healthy Living

written by Head Health Nutter May 5, 2008

Lately on Live Lighter, we’ve been on a quest to find sensitivities and allergies to food on our elimination diet adventures . By sticking to a diet rich in foods that are least likely to cause an allergic reaction (hypo-allergenic ), we’ve been cleansing our bodies of offending foods. Well, there was an interesting turn of events this past week.

Not only am I experiencing a detox of the body, but I’m also experiencing a detox of the mind and soul! Some issues have risen up from the depths of my bowels (ha ha?). This surfacing process put me out of sorts and actually at times it’s been downright painful. Most of my time this week has been spent in deep introspection or purging my thoughts and feelings.

Thank you to my friends and family for listening and for your patience on this roller coaster of emotion!

Indeed, my Naturopathic Doctor confirmed that this emotional cleansing is not only normal, but an essential part of becoming healthier. In a Natural Health article, Nora Isaacs writes an excellent piece on emotional cleansing . She cites co-founder of the Chopra Center of Wellbeing as saying:

“UNRESOLVED ISSUES make life less enjoyable. A history of unmet needs erodes your sense of vitality, self-esteem, and sense of worthiness–and often leads to distressing emotional residue.”

Emotional baggage desensitizes you (take down those emotional walls, my friend!) and limits your ability to feeling a full range of human emotion. It is also highly toxic to the body, mind and soul. It shows in the stoop of a set of shoulders, in angry gestures and hurtful words, and in the confusion of saying one thing and doing the opposite.

It’s easy to sweep problems under the rug. And they’ll stay hidden there for quite some time. But life tends to happen. The Universe will give you clues here and there that these buried issues need to come out. Most people will ignore their intuition until life gets mad. A catastrophe may be needed to shake things up, like a divorce, job loss or major illness.

According to one of Isaacs’ sources, there seems to be a correlation between unresolved issues and physical ill-health. Taking the time to free oneself from the burden of these emotional issues may prevent life’s earthquakes, will definitely lead to renewed health and vitality, and often even personal reinvention!

If this sounds good to you, read Isaac’s 7 step plan to spring clean your soul .

And that’s what’s been going on this week for me. After a lot of meditative writing, walks, and talks with loved ones, I have a newfound respect for myself. And this is carrying into my thoughts, words and deeds. This total body cleansing is reminding me why health is worth the time and effort . I’m moving further into the person I want to be!

Has anyone else experienced emotional detoxification this Spring?

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