Why Should We Detox?

by Head Health Nutter on February 27, 2008

The last article defined detoxification as a necessary function our bodies naturally perform to keep our system free of poison. It is a regular, internal process of hygiene that helps keep us healthy.


That post left us pondering a few `what ifs’. This article answers the question, “ Is it possible that our bodies can’t handle the rate at which our bodies are being poisoned? According to my research, most of us are functioning below optimal health levels because of toxic overload . Toxins and waste are killing us softly, decreasing our immediate quality of life and aging us at a faster rate.

The following article explains why some people believe that most of us would benefit from helping our bodies detoxify:

They say every story has a kernel of truth to it

Our body’s self-cleaning process acts much like our regular house cleaning habits. There just isn’t time, energy or immediate benefit to move the couch, shine the windows, organize the closets or clean the oven every week. No, we save deep cleaning for Spring and/or Fall when the days are longer and the weather more agreeable.

Interestingly, almost every faith has some form of traditional purification at some point during the year. Here are just a few ancient religions that have seasonal detoxing rituals:

Each of them are based on the religion’s lore and practiced for reasons left up to the individual. But perhaps these customs have survived thousands of years because of another reason? Is it possible these ancient traditions have some form of life-preserving quality and underlying health function?

The popular Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Ed. suggests this is true. The following passage describes what it feels like when you detox and suggests fasting as a means to hasten the process:

“Periodically, the body seeks to rid itself of these toxins and releases them from the tissues. The toxins then enter the bloodstream, causing the body to experience a `low’ or `down’ cycle. During such a cycle, you may suffer from headaches, diarrhea, or depression. Fasting is an effective and safe method of helping the body detoxify itself and move through this low cycle with greater speed and fewer symptoms. In fact, fasting is recommended for any illness, as it gives the body the rest it needs to recover.”

Living in a toxic world

If you entertain the above ideas for a moment, then detoxing (a.k.a. body cleansing and fasting ) is an even more necessary practice now than it was for our ancient ancestors. Compare our world with theirs and pollutants, toxins and chemicals have become our saber-tooth tigers and pterodactyls.

Toxic substances are found naturally in the air, water and soil. But things change; actually, we as a species have actively changed our environment (awesome David Suzuki article) – and way faster than the speed of evolution . It takes thousands of years for our genetic codes to adapt to our environments through natural selection (except for random genetic mutations) . Our bodies are still only capable of moving as many toxins and waste out of our systems as our ancestors were equipped to deal with.

In addition to our toxic environment, we also expose ourselves everyday to toxins for our pleasure, convenience and even health: processed food and overeating, manufactured cigarettes, cleaning products, unnaturally fermented foods and alcohol, auto exhaust, synthetic drugs, etc. All of man’s genius has side affects and the consequences are impaired body functioning. Why? Because our bodies weren’t created by man and Nature plays by Her own rules.

THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION: The only way evolution can catch up to us so that our bodies can naturally and effectively take care of the level of toxicity exposure in Western society is through genetic mutation.

So what do you think? Do you think you might benefit from helping your body detoxify?

Stay tuned for the next articles, “What is Body Cleansing? ” and “How do I Know I Need to Detox?

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s. perlmutter January 21, 2011 at 7:45 am

can you point out a method to detoxify the body from bpa?

s/ perlmutter


Head Health Nutter January 21, 2011 at 11:43 am

Hi S. Based on my current knowledge of cleansing and detoxing, it’s nondiscriminatory between toxins/chemicals; the only exception for this are the heavy metals which require a cleansing method called, “chelation”.

Actually, cleansing & detoxing is a lot like anti-bacterial sanitizers where it’ll even get rid of the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Experts recommend you replenish this with large doses of supplements like acidophilus.


Head Health Nutter January 21, 2011 at 11:44 am

Try this easy, gentle cleanse for first-timers: http://livelighter.org/an-easy-gentle-cleanse-for-a-first-timer/


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