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Why Hygiene is Just as Important as Health

written by Guest Blogger May 28, 2015

If you don’t think of hygiene as much as you think of getting to the gym and eating well, you may want to keep reading today’s guest article! 

Slowly but surely, we’re all becoming more aware of how to look after our health. We’re finding ways to incorporate exercise or daily activity into our schedule, and we’re learning about nutrition. An abundance of cooking shows teach us how to prepare fresh meals and you can’t go online without hearing about how your friends are losing weight. But what about hygiene? Is it just as important as health?

A few hygiene facts

Don’t read this whilst you’re eating!

  • 50% of people wash their hands more than 10 times a day
  • 49% of people wash their hands between 3 and 9 times a day

The remaining 1%? Well, it’s best not to think about them.

It takes 20 seconds to kill the germs on our hands by washing them, and a majority of people don’t wash their hands for that long. In fact, only 26% of people say that they do! 30% of adults admit to running their hand under the tap without actually ‘washing’ them, or not bothering at all!

Keeping Clean at Home

A good bath and shower gel should be a staple in your bathroom for regular all-over body washes. On top of that, a bar of soap or bottle of liquid soap should always be sitting at your sink. Shower regularly – ideally in the morning rather than at night, for the energy boost and to wash off the sweat and dead skin from the night before in bed – and wash your hands whenever you use the toilet.

Keeping Clean on the Go

When you’re out and about, you come into contact with a wide range of germs and plenty of dirt and grime. How many people have touched the money that you’ve just been given in the shop, or the hand rail on the bus or train?

Without obsessing too much, carrying a compact hand sanitizer in your bag or in a pocket can allow you to clean your hands in public without finding a sink in a restroom.

It isn’t nice to think about, but studies have shown that more than a quarter of people are walking around with fecal matter on their hands, transferring it to everything they touch from their mobile phone to the office door’s handle…and to you, if they come into direct contact!

Wash your hands before eating. If you touch a hand rail, shake hands with someone or use a cash machine then you’re collecting all sorts of hidden nasties that you end up carrying around. How often do you pick up a sandwich without thinking about what’s on your hand?

Sometimes, staying healthy isn’t enough to protect you from illness. Often, you need to be hygienic as well!

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What’s your top hygiene tip?

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