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Why Christmas is the PERFECT Time to Get Into Shape

written by Guest Blogger December 12, 2012

It’s the holiday season – are you running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Are you finding it difficult to maintain a healthy routine? Well today’s guest post by Barbara Woodberry might help inspire you to change your ways!

With Christmas coming up many of you are probably throwing your hands up and admitting defeat as far as your workouts and diet plans go. When it comes to losing weight and getting into shape, most of us think of Christmas as this insurmountable obstacle that there’s no way for us to overcome…

We assume that our routines need to go on hold at least throughout December. It’s cold, everyone’s trying to stuff us with alcohol, it’s cold, and we’re wearing hundreds of layers at once so no one is going to see our bodies anyway. And also it’s cold.

Of course though if you have that kind of defeatist attitude then Christmas is going to be rough on your body. Give up on working out over Christmas before you’ve even began and yes, you will end up looking like Santa in no time.

But let’s think about Christmas a different way for a minute and focus on the positive aspects. Because actually Christmas has a lot going for it when it comes to getting into shape. Let’s have a look at why this might actually be the best month to put your training into overdrive.

The Time

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they should start working out in the summer in order to get a ‘beach body’. This is just dumb because no one can transform their body in less than three months so by the time you’ve got your ‘beach body’ it will be Autumn and you’ll have to put it away again.

On the other hand though, if you practice a little something called ‘forethought’ and start working out now then you’ll give yourself six months to build an amazing body and have a massive head start over everyone else. Be smart – train in December.

It’s Great for Warming Up

Winter is cold right? And exercise warms you up right? So what better motivation to jog to the station in the morning instead of walking? I just joined a lovely new health spa myself with a hot tub and a sauna and when it’s cold out that’s all the motivation I need to head down there and get my training on.

Protein Time!

Christmas might involve a lot of chocolate and wine, but it also involves a lot of protein and particularly that huge turkey which is a brilliant lean source of amino acids. It would be a shame to let all that protein go to waste, so for the next few days make sure you train enough to earn yourself that muscle-building meat.

Time Off

Another reason people falter around Christmas is that they’re seeing lots of friends and family and being sociable – and when they’re not they’ll be rushing around the shops trying to get good deals. While you’re busy a lot of the time, though, you should also find you get more time off work – so there’s no excuse not to squeeze an hour in down the gym.

New Year

With New Year just around the corner everyone is going to be making new resolutions. Don’t wait for the New Year in order to start those commitments – start right away and get a good head start on them so you can raise the bar further when it comes around.

About the Author

The article is contributed by Barbara Woodberry, a renowned guest blog writer who writes about Health and Lifestyle. She is also the Editor for magazinesubscriptions.com, looking for good deals on magazine subscriptions? Visit www.magazinesubscriptions.com

I’m sold! Actually, I started last week with a healthier routine and Barbara’s guest post just helped spur me on to greater heights! I CAN do it all – all my obligations, shopping AND health pursuits! What do YOU plan on doing for your health this season?

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