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Why Change?

written by Guest Blogger May 21, 2012

Guest bloggers Lysa and Gina are back to talk about change! You`ve heard them in guest posts: The Greatest Gift: Know Yourself, Love Yourself and Does Weight-Loss Have to Be a Struggle? Check out their next post in their Live Lighter series!

In my coaching over the last 3 years, I’ve been fascinated to observe who makes massive change, who goes half way and who fails to get moving. Is there a theme here that could teach us how to give ourselves the best start and the most glorious finish?

1) What makes for a good start?

Any client who realizes that they truly want to change always makes a great start. It’s not the people whose Doctor has told them they have to change, or pressure from Spouse/Family, or even the fear of a big social event coming up… It’s a feeling deep down inside that ‘I want to do this for me’, that has been a common base for those who make a great start.

2) What makes for a bad start?

Wanting to lose weight for someone else is the worst place to start. Trying to make someone like you, love you, or stay with you will always leave you looking outside for validation… No matter how long you force yourself forward, if it’s all about trying to make someone else accept you or get off your back. Inevitably any energy invested in moving you forward will fizzle out and you’ll feel like stink for a while…

But then you’ll know that now it’s time to forget everyone else and do it for yourself!

3) What keeps you going?

We all have our own reasons for starting to lose weight, and so often people think they need the right motivation to keep going. True Motivation is the key to sustainable results but something even more basic (that is crucial for creating results) which often gets overlooked is: what is your plan for shifting the excess weight?

Everyone decides on how to reduce calories (eat less) or how to use calories (increase activity) or a combination of both but whatever your plan is, are you enjoying it? Is it fun? Does it make you feel alive? Like the days just pass by quickly and whalla! You’re dropping weight.

We accomplish amazing weight-loss results with clients because we know how to build momentum. We know how to tailor an approach so it hits all of your feel good factors, and before long 5-10kg’s has melted away easily and you know you can continue to reach your goal.

4) What halts people from reaching their goal?

a) Wanting to lose weight for someone else
b) Placing high expectations and pressure upon oneself
c) Fear of change
d) Unsustainable weight-loss strategies

5) Who makes massive change?

The people I’ve seen who make massive change have a dawning epiphany that they can no longer tolerate their current level of weight. They acknowledge how much pain their excess weight is creating for them and refuse to accept it any longer.

They associate pain to any habit that would continue to see their weight increase and find joy in habits that support their weight loss. They realize it’s about enjoying the journey and that any method to get to there must be sustainable in order to support them to stay at their goal.

When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, you’ll make a shift.

This is what we look for in the people who want to have coaching with us. It’s all about perception and when you’re ready to see that the effort involved in change is less than then everyday pain of excess weight, shifting becomes easy.

About the Author

Lysa and Gina help women break free from dieting and emotional eating. They teach Intuitive Eating and how to get the Weight-Loss Mindset. Visit them at their website, www.lysaandgina.co.nz.

Do you have any experience in successful weight-loss and has Lysa and Gina`s method been a part of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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