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Why Being Healthy is Worth the Effort

written by Head Health Nutter January 11, 2008

Think of all the people you consider to be happy and satisfied folk. Everyone has their bad days but there are a few people you know, I’m sure, that have you shaking your head and asking yourself, “What are they on?” and “Where can I get some?”

High on Life?

Keep these people in mind and ponder the following questions:

  • Do they have clear skin, radiant smiles and shiny hair?
  • Do they hold a steady gaze as their eyes sparkle with delight as you two talk?
  • When you part ways, do they leave you buoyant and feeling like a million bucks?

I’m not sure about you but I identify these people as those who have found total health; they are healthy in body, mind and spirit as well as emotionally and socially. They are truly happy and grateful to simply be alive.

Everything in their world is just wonderfully brilliant…and it bursts through their every pore, coats every word and is very obvious in every action.

How Happy People Make YOU Feel Good

Happy people exude their happiness. They have an energy that vibrates at a different level than most and this is what you sense from them. When you come into contact with them, like osmosis, they share their energy (sometimes consciously, other times unconsciously).

Some happy people take energy (and therefore a certain level of happiness) from others. But the happy people who are just happy to be alive are those who produce their own energy through their appreciation for life. They are literally high on life.

Because they have a good sense of themselves and what’s really important to them, they can focus on others. They have a “good beat on life” . They care about themselves, others and the world around them. They are conscientious and give back to the world by sharing this energy through their every thought, word and deed.

The Link Between Health and Happiness

What is the reward for helping others? A very long, full life and Heaven on Earth.

Many studies over the years, so many that the average doctor will agree that a person’s outlook is the biggest determinant of progression in any illness, have proven that happy people live longer .

Did you notice “healthy” and “happy” usually come as a pair of adjectives?

The mind-body connection is inexplicably linked. The stronger in health you are, the easier it is to be happy. Aches and pains or worries that weigh your shoulders down distract you from what’s really important: being in the moment, of service to others and being alive.

Happiness and Health are States of Being

Everyone has the ability to experience the different levels of happiness. Most people have experienced a wide range, too, either artificially (think about the first few times you tried sugar, caffeine or any other mood-altering substance) or naturally (sex, `the zone’ when performing any physical activity, being in love or a spiritual epiphany).

Whether you’re using a substance (hopefully one that occurs naturally, as they are less harmful) or creating your own happiness, balance is important to maintain. Misuse eventually leads to an imbalanced system, ill-health and unhappiness.

So let me end this post with a question:

If you could go through life (most of the time, of course) feeling light, free and happy, and all you had to do was make a few healthful choices for yourself on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be worth the effort?

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Darius Bashar January 17, 2008 at 11:44 am

I am not a big fan of medical research findings and have a hard time allowing doctors to tell me what my body can and can’t do. Nonetheless I do agree that when I am healthy and exercising and eating well everything else in my life seems to go a lot smoother and things just seem to fall in my lap.

So my personally observations definitely coincide with the notion that there is a link between health and happiness.

Thanks for the great post!

Steph January 18, 2008 at 5:06 pm

Your welcome for the post, Darius.

And thanks for starting this thread – I can see a whole other topic to explore: that everything we hear is opinion (and almost every opinion these days can be backed with “scientific proof”). Just because someone calls themselves an expert doesn’t mean they know what’s good for you.

On the otherhand, if someone has spent years studying a subject, I’m inclined to believe what they say until I can prove otherwise.

Who do you tend to trust when it comes to new health information? And where do you draw the line when it comes to trying out something someone said was healthy for you?


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