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When Enough is Enough

written by Head Health Nutter November 26, 2012

Have you ever watched an episode of Hoaders or seen an extremely obese person and wondered how they allowed their current circumstances to become reality? Lately, I’ve been noticing how some of my recent behaviours are getting out of control. If you’ve ever struggled with moderation, then this post is for you!

How do you like to distract yourself? I have a list that I call upon without even thinking about them at the time: shopping, sleeping, work, drinking, smoking, watching TV, eating, sex, blogging… the list is seemingly endless in retrospect!

But you know what I’m reminding myself of more often these days? And I alluded to this when introducing one of our recent guest posts, Healthy Ways to Quit Your Bad Habits. That the wisest way I can spend my time is on me. I know that sounds super selfish but really. we all have basic needs that need to be fulfilled and if we do not fulfill them, we’re operating inefficiently.

There are many areas of our lives which have needs to be fulfilled, and for example the one that I’ve been neglecting most for the last few months is my physical well-being. How do I know this? Well, there are current results I can analyze (I’m a bit overweight, had to buy a new wardrobe and I can’t see any muscle!), and a few other things I discovered when reviewing and revising my answers to some of the questions in The Beauty Blueprint.

This is a book I’ll be reviewing soon, but for now you might like to know that it asks you to ask yourself certain clarifying questions about different areas in your life. From your answers, you can remind yourself of your goals and drill down what’s not currently working for you as well as where you need to step up your game.

It’s really a plan for change. One exercise The Beauty Blueprint (Amazon link) suggests doing is creating your Absolute Yes and Absolute No Lists. That is, you list around 10 things that energize you and 10 or so things that deplete your energy. Then you attempt to make sure you get these things done or avoid doing them daily, weekly, monthly, or when life gets especially stressful.

I’ve posted my Absolute Yes and No Lists in the bathroom, and have been reviewing them almost every time I brush my teeth. I’m hoping this habit will eventually burn these lists in my subconscious and I’ll just suddenly do or avoid all of them given enough time.

I want to become more conscious of how I spend my time, energy and other resources, like money. I remember when I first started this blog how I questioned all my possible choices in a given moment against whether or not it was healthy for me in the long run. When I did this, from what I remember, life was much easier!

Ya, sure, I didn’t always get instant gratification of the thing I desired at the time (although sometimes I did), but I remember a satisfaction in resisting my urges, waiting and making more conscious decisions. Actually, I do experience this once in awhile still now, and recognize that I want these experiences more often now in my life!

I know this means saying, “No” to more things and being more choosy when I say, “Yes.”

Now that I’m noticing some things are getting out of control and I realize I know how to create higher standards, it’s time to say, “Enough is Enough!” It’s never too late to draw lines in the sand, make boundaries for yourself and thereby make different choices that will ultimately net the results you`re looking for rather than settling for what is comfortable

Stay tuned for my upcoming review of The Beauty Blueprint by Michelle Phillips (link to HayHouse Radio show, November 27th, 3-4 pm PST). If I share my Absolute Yes and No Lists, will you share yours?

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