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What’s Important to You? (Setting Priorities & Finding Balance)

written by Head Health Nutter August 25, 2013

Wow. Breakthrough today!! Get the scoop from my current reflecting and how it’s going to change my life around to find more peace and happiness. Perhaps you can give me some advice on my plan? I’m hoping to start some conversation about the topic of self-reflection, goal-setting and finding total life balance!

I just moved back to my hometown recently (read: Learning to Trust the Universe (And Face Fear!)) and while it’s been really good to be back and things have gone fairly smoothly considering, there have been a few burps along the way. As should be expected, right?

We’ll save the details for the movie, but I did want to share my newest lesson because not only do I think you might get some benefit from it, I’m excited about the new changes I’m instating and would love your feedback.


I’ve been stressed. The move alone is stressful because you’re life is turned upside-down until you’re settled. I’ve also been working full-time during it all, building a romantic relationship and pursuing a more active lifestyle. I have other obligations, too, with my freelance writing clients and with this blog. And of course, the month-long trip to Greece coming up in a few weeks.

Did I mention I’m going to Greece? Oh, ya. I’m excited. First time in Europe!!!

Anyway, an incident two nights ago allowed me the time and inclination to reflect on how I’ve been spending my days. While everything I’ve been doing is very fun, rewarding and productive, I’ve seen the light! I’ve been spending way too much time on a couple of goals and not enough time on other goals in my life.

Setting Priorities

This ah-ha moment has reminded me that I am the master of my own destiny. All I have to do is have a vision and work backward from there. Everyday I have a choice in what I do.

Am I going to choose something that will help me get closer to my goals, or not?

Next Big To-Do

I want to achieve my goals, all my goals. I also want to live a balanced lifestyle, so therefore I have several areas in my life that I`d like to work on: physical, career, spiritual, financial and social.

So the next big to-do for me (tonight), is to sit down and determine my goals for all these areas of my life. This will help me realize my priorities so I can make a flexible monthly, weekly and daily action plan. I already have this planning habit in place, but I`ve been missing the `vision`part so I`ve been spending my free time on things that aren`t getting me closer to my goals!

After tonight`s first session, I intend to consistently make more `me time` to relax and reflect on how I spend each day so I can plan for a different tomorrow (practically, by making it a habit to be more thoughtful in creating my lists for daily, weekly and monthly to-do`s).

What do you think of my reasoning and plan to change my life around on  a daily basis? Do you have any sound advice? I`d love to hear it!

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