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What You Can Do To Help Your Community Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

written by Guest Blogger September 16, 2016

When you’re convinced that a healthy lifestyle is the only way to go to enjoy life now and later, you start to make more healthier choices. How do you share this knowledge and inspire those you care about to do the same so you all live happier, longer lives? Keep reading today’s article by Anita, to find out how! 

Living a healthy life entails living in a healthy community. As an individual, you have much to offer to your community to fire them up to a healthy lifestyle. Whether directly or indirectly, your lifestyle significantly influences the society with or without your knowledge. This post points out to various actions that can help your community pursue a healthy way of life.

Healthy Eating Projects
You can initiate projects aimed at creating awareness on healthy eating and its benefits. Raise the awareness of vegetables and fruits by pointing out the five portions of intake recommended for them. This way, you will support and promote your local fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers as well. You may also consider starting an allotment/gardening club and sell the produce to your community. Encourage neighbors to start their own gardens and provide information on how to cook meals with homegrown produce.

Advocate Engagement
Engagement is an exercise by itself. Make your community understand the importance of engaging in activities out of their routine. Besides, teach the community the importance and benefits of volunteering. People who volunteer usually have their well-being at higher levels as well as life satisfaction compared to non-volunteers. Volunteering and other forms of social and civic engagement help in the maintenance of good health later in life.

Drug Awareness
A drug-free community is a healthy community. Organize and promote local communal activities that help people to quit smoking. Highlight drop-in, one to one and group sessions that take place in your local areas in places like libraries, community centers, and health clinics. In addition, be a promoter of sensible drinking in your community. Create consciousness about dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. If there are rehabilitation centers in your community, organize communal sponsorships to help addicts.

Promote Education
Education is crucial to living a fulfilling and independent life. Advocate for education and its benefits including open-mindedness and decision-making. Suggest the right education that aims at instilling life qualities to people. Besides, education enhances lives through helping people understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as how to maintain it. You can also promote a new section of knowledge or even physical activities. To be a more influential leader in this area, consider an MSW degree online. Educating others in the community yields more results when you have the right training.

Promote Physical Activities
Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Help your community learn how they can engage in physical activities as well as the benefits they will get in return. For example, you could embark on encouraging more cycling instead of driving. Also, encourage more walking in addition to setting tea-dances, green gyms and line dances among other physical activities.

As an individual, and as a community, there are various benefits to living healthy lifestyles. Healthier lifestyles are an essential component of a sustainable community and can lead to communities that are more active.

About the Author

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about health, family, home and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

Have you had any success in helping those you love with leading healthier lifestyles? What worked for you?

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