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What You Can Afford After Stopping Smoking

written by Guest Blogger July 14, 2014

Are you a smoker? Do you know and love someone who smokes? If you’ve ever thought of smoking as burning good money away and you want to create some motivation to kick the habit, then you’ll love today’s guest article by Jennifer Smith! She gives you an idea of the financial benefits of stopping smoking in a realistic way you or those you love can really appreciate.

(Editor’s Note: Jennifer is from Europe so for our North American readers, some of the terms used may be foreign but she’s included dollars compared to her Euros; you’ll get the gist either way, though.)  

Smoking is a very expensive habit, both in terms of your health and your bank balance. Quitting smoking can be difficult but it will make a huge difference to your health and lifestyle, and the money you save from not smoking that pack of twenty everyday could be spent much more wisely in other areas of your life. The long term damage that occurs through a cigarette habit includes many serious diseases and cancers including lung disease and a heightened risk of heart attack – surely a risk not worth taking?

So when smokers kick the habit they lessen the risk of these deadly diseases and become richer in terms of their general well-being. They will also have much more money in their back pockets to afford things that they may never have been able to before…

If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, that comes to a not so grand total of £2,000 ($3,400) per year. So here at Live Lighter, we want to look at what you could afford with this money, because let’s be honest, there are much better ways to spend it than puffing on harmful cigarettes year after year. You actually won’t believe how much you can save! Take a little peak:

One day

Not buying a packet of cigarettes for one day could leave you with enough money to treat yourself to a trip to the cinema or you could just go and buy a few of your favourite magazines and have a read so you can take your mind of that troublesome tobacco.

One week

If you quit smoking for one week, you would save yourself £38.50 ($65.00). What then could you treat yourself to? Of course, it’s not a million pounds (dollars) but here are just a number of things you could head out and buy:

  • A ticket to a Premier League football match
  • A new pair of trainers or shoes
  • A DVD Box-set
  • A fun day out paint-balling or a visit to the zoo

One month

After quitting your smoking habit for one month, you would have saved £166.00 ($282.00) by not popping to the news-agent and buying your usual twenty pack of cigarettes. Now that you have the money in your wallet, what could you then afford?

  • A return flight to Europe (from the UK).
  • A track day in a supercar
  • Treat yourself on a shopping spree

Three months

After quitting smoking for three months, you could have saved around £500.00 ($850.00) and you will certainly be able to tell the difference, both financially and with your health! After this period of time you would be able to afford:

  • A large flat screen television
  • A week’s flight and accommodation in Ibiza
  • A week’s flight and accommodation to the most cost-effective Caribbean resorts (from Canada or the U.S.)

Six months

After six months you would have saved yourself a cool £1,000 ($1,700), which you will have the freedom to do as you want with. So what could you spend it on?

  • A season ticket for a Premier League football club, or two depending on how much they are!
  • A family holiday for everyone!
  • A carbon fibre racing bicycle
  • Your very own home cinema

One year

So, you’ve saved £2,000 ($3,400) over the year, and not only that, your lung capacity is back to 100% and the issues which might have been dogging you before such as wheezing and coughing, may have been removed to such an extent that they are not a problem anymore. After twelve months then, what could you then buy?

  • A completely new kitchen
  • Brand new car
  • Luxury leather sofa
  • Designer jewelry

Ten years

It might sound a tad ridiculous, but after quitting smoking for ten years, you will have saved a huge amount of money. These savings could be around £20,000 ($34,000) and let’s be honest, for your regular Joe Bloggs, that’s a life changing amount of money! With your £20,000, you could:

  • Have put down a substantial deposit on a house, maybe even a buy to let property in order to gain an added income
  • Traveled the world to a new destination in luxury
  • buy a flash car
  • Invest the money

We know it can be very difficult to kick your smoking habit, that’s why we have previously blogged about the issue and the various ways you can ensure you aren’t hooked to cigarettes. The health and financial rewards really are great if you manage to do so, and if you do, you can use this tool from the British Heart Foundation which works out how much you could save if you stopped smoking altogether.

As you can see from this post, it’s a habit which becomes increasingly expensive the more you are addicted. Around 2 in 3 smokers want to give up and can do so easily. Lots of people find it very difficult. But in succeeding, you can make yourself feel better about you, banish the horrible stale tobacco smell on your clothes and become much healthier altogether.

Finding motivation can be difficult but if you have a financial goal and want a new car, quit those ciggies and reward yourself for doing so. Try entering an organized event which is say, 6 months down the line which means you should have to stop smoking just so you can finish the event, let alone achieve a decent time.

About the Author

Written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of TabLites, a provider of electronic cigarettes who are based in Manchester.

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