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What is Functional Training?

written by Guest Blogger January 11, 2012

How are we all doing on our 2012 intentions? For all those who wish to improve their physical health this year, last week we learned how eating after 7pm affects our weight-loss efforts and this week guest blogger, Latasri, tells us about functional training, which helps make daily activities effortless! 

Any kind of exercise that is directly related to your routine activities is called functional training. So, if you are a cycling champ or a marathon runner, a cricketer or an athlete, or a simple homemaker who wishes to be fit, a mother of twins who wishes to carry your child(ren) without injuries, functional training is all that you need.

Aping the activities that we do in our routine life, therapists and physical trainers have developed exercises that put us in our comfort zone and yet help to change our lives. It is popularly known as functional training.

If your job involves a lot of running around or even repeated heavy lifting, functional training is the kind of rehab aimed at helping you perform the activity without affecting your body. As a widely accepted form of physical training, it is known to target the core muscles and strengthens them to adjust your work pattern and lifestyle.

Now, the buzzword of the fitness world, functional strength training has a broad-based meaning and significance. Therefore, it is crucial to understand it before one adapts to the regime.

Here’s a sense of what is being called the next level of fitness:

  1. Works against body’s resistance: It is a routine that helps one to perform daily activities with ease. Whether it is walking, running, jumping, bending, standing, climbing, these activities need functional strength. And, in functional training it is vital that your body is trained to every specific movement of the muscles. Therefore, each time you take up doing squats, it increases your ability to rise easily from any seat, even if it’s yours from the floor.
  2. Burns calories through unsupported movements: What began a decade ago, functional training is a simple discovery to physical strength by practicing movement training with resistance. These movements are objected to bring activity in the core muscle as they are mostly unsupported. For example, lifting a bag over the shoulder is equal to squat to shoulder press – a form of functional fitness training that burns calories through unsupported movements.
  3. Part and parcel of our regular movements: Functional fitness is best known as a way to get our body accustomed to everyday rigorous pattern while it also helps to burn excess calories. Hence, functional training is the safest form of exercise, weight loss and to attain a fit body. If you’re unable to exercise, some trainers do suggest wearing a Flex belt or using trx training programs. This helps the body lose weight without any effort.
  4. Exercise with all the safety: Functional training movements incorporate about 29 muscles of the body. It helps to continue exercising with all the safety ensuring you freedom of movement. Differing from the common forms of exercise that have one range of movement, functional training (like the most commonly used treadmill) ensure movements have resistance of planes and makes the complete body as one unit. This is also why functional training brings balance, co-ordination and focus, ensuring a mind-body connection.

Due to its simplicity and movements, which range from daily life to sports specific action, functional training is a regime that can be taken up by one and all.

About the Author

Latasri is a health and fitness enthusiast who likes to share her experiences with others. She is always on the look out for discounts and coupons for weight loss. In her website she makes available coupon for trx and flex belt coupons, two weight loss programs on Flex Belts and trx training.

I love functional training because generally you see and feel the results sooner because suddenly you notice your most common daily activities getting easier and easier to perform. What are some of your daily activities that you’d like to do with more ease and effectiveness? 

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