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What is Conscious Living?

written by Head Health Nutter January 2, 2009

Conscious living is what I’ve been missing in Living Lighter.

Living unconsciously is what’s been getting in my way of total, sustained happiness all this time, even after achieving success in my weight-loss goals and despite all my progress in acquiring total health. I also believe that my resistance to conscious living is the ultimate reason for my two accidents last year, my digestive woes, and why I started smoking again after 11 glorious months of being smoke-free.

It’s really hitting home for me as I read one of the best Christmas presents ever, the book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. (Thank you, Honey!) This book promises to free your mind of the past and all the emotional baggage that comes along with it, as well as anxiety and worry of the future, and will teach you practical methods to live without pain and suffering. Now that’s what I call Living Lighter!

So What is `Conscious Living’?

It may mean something different to you, but with a little help from Eckhart Tolle, this is what it means to me::

Conscious Living is living in the Now. It is simply, Being. Tolle also describes it as, “having presence.” It’s being naturally high for most of your waking hours, without the general `low’ that inevitably follows pleasure-inducing substances, activities or people. It’s living in a higher state of consciousness, which has been described as a meditative or creative state where you are totally relaxed yet alert. You are in the moment: at attention and fully aware of your surroundings and/or the task at hand.

Tolle suggests that if you live in the past or future more than necessary, then you lack the Power of Now. When we get caught up in our minds and thinking too much, we miss what’s going on Now. Which is all that we ever really have, that’s tangible and real. All the rest is simply in our heads: our individual realities, our summed experiences, social conditioning and learned behaviour, all our fears, worries, hopes and desires.

Does this sound right to you? Tolle promises internal peace through accessing the Now more often. He says when we’re unhappy, it’s because we’re resisting the Now. We have not recognized what’s special about Now, have not accepted what just is (which is the Now), and even more, we’re ungrateful for having the Now. If you analyze unhappiness, you’ll notice it’s because we’re disappointed with the circumstances that brought up to Now and/or we believe that the future will be better than Now.

Practicing living consciously is exercise for your mind. It will make you superhuman and allow you to control your thoughts and behaviour easily. You will gain more self-awareness and have the power to choose positive, constructive thoughts and behaviours over the usual, learned, unconscious, self-defeating thought/behaviour patterns.

I’ve been working at it over the last past few days. But I have lots of practice ahead of me and hope to share with you some tips I find along the way. Stay tuned for an upcoming post, “10 Ways to Live Consciously 21 Ways to Access Heaven.”

What does Conscious Living mean to you? Please post your comments and let’s get a conversation going!

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