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What Doctors Really Want

written by Guest Blogger July 20, 2012

Today we have access to more information than ever and a wide variety of healthcare professionals to assist us while we take personal responsibility for our own health. The medical community will always serve an important role so here’s guest blogger, JR Olson, to help us know our MDs better so we can help them help us!

Doing What Is Best For the Patient

When some physicians graduate from medical school and begin to practice medicine, they tend to have idealistic visions of what practicing medicine will really be like. They want to always be able to do whatever is best for their patients; this is why they got into medicine in the first place. In reality, what they encounter are obstacles that can prevent them from doing this.

Whether the obstacles come from insurance companies stating what they will and won’t cover, to patients that can’t afford to pay for something not covered by insurance, it remains a source of frustration for physicians. The physician may understand exactly what will be needed to help the patient to return to health, but effective treatment might be out of reach for some patients requiring them to try alternatives that don’t work as well.

Less Paperwork and More Time

Doctors want to be able to concentrate more practice time to actually taking care of patients rather than finishing the paperwork that is necessary in every physician’s office. Staff can sometimes handle the majority of paperwork but there will still be some paperwork that doctors must do. They don’t want to have to change the way a patient is being treated due to rules dictated by outside sources, such as insurance companies and government.

Patients that Follow Advice

Physicians wish that patients would listen to and follow helpful instructions given to them to help themselves live healthier, rather than acting in ways that damage their health and then expecting the physician to “fix it” when they do become ill. Doctors do not like having to spend valuable time trying to figure out how to best provide the proper treatment for their patients, especially when it means finding a way around insurance company or government rules to provide effective treatment to patients.

It has to be frustrating for physicians when they are made to feel that they must justify every decision they make in a patients care. They are in the practice of medicine to help patients and can only be as effective as they are allowed to be by outside factors. That seems to be a source of frustration for many doctors.

More Knowledgeable Sales Representatives

Doctors recently interviewed said one thing they wish is for sales representatives that visit their practice to know more about the medicines they are selling and also about treatment strategies. When they visit, physician’s wish they would not only push their products but also visit for other reasons.

Better visits would be to provide patient literature and pamphlets to help educate patients about medications along with providing medication samples. They also wish that representatives could be more of a partner in patient care rather than simply a salesperson.

More Effective Communication

Most doctors wish patients would ask thoughtful and intelligent questions and truly strive to be partners with physicians in their care. They want to hear from patients and have open and honest two way communication with them.

Times have changed in that years ago patients would listen to their doctor and do everything they were told without question. Today, patients play more active roles in their own advocacy and in the advocacy of loved ones that are being treated for an illness. This has been a good thing. Doctors really want communication to be respectful on both sides.

About the Author

JR Olson has spoken to the wonderful doctors at stgregoryctr.com to compile this short list of what doctors want.

Have you had a heart-to-heart with your MD and discovered something we can do that is NOT on this list that will ultimately help our medical docs help us?

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