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What Do Fizzy Drinks Do to My Body?

written by Guest Blogger May 19, 2013

Do you like pop and other fizzy drinks? Are you aware of the consequences of making these beverage choices? Here’s guest blogger, James, with a few highlights!

We may simply love a certain flavour or have a favourite fizzy drink. It is not uncommon for some to prefer Pepsi while others have Coke. Fizzy drinks can be about brand and how they make us feel.

Why choose fizzy drinks?

Some fizzy drinks may settle a tummy in discomfort, may help to release trapped wind, may be a cool relief on a hot day or may just put us in a better mood. Fizzy drinks are sometimes used as a meal replacement for those trying to feel full faster and reduce their weight.

How do fizzy drinks impact our health?

Whatever fizzy drinks mean to us, how often do we think about their impact on our bodies and about choosing healthier alternatives instead?

Unhealthy weight

To replace meals with fizzy drinks may lead to an unbalanced diet that causes a lack of certain nutrients and minerals in the body. A dietary imbalance may change how the body’s metabolism works, and may actually result in unwanted weight gain and lead to being overweight or obese. In some cases, too much weight loss may occur if fizzy drinks are used to replace meals which may cause malnutrition and eating disorders such as anorexia.

Blood sugar

The type and amount of sugar we consume affects our body’s natural blood glucose levels and insulin production. Fizzy drinks that contain too much sugar may lead to a dysfunction in how the body produces and uses insulin for our body’s energy use and metabolic functions. Diabetes is the disease that may arise as a result. Blood pressure may become irregular too, causing Hypertension and Heart Disease.

Calcium levels

The acids, such as phosphoric acid, in fizzy drinks may reduce calcium absorption in the body, weakening bones and raising risk of fractures. Insufficient calcium in the body affects not only bone density, but skin, hair and nail quality too.


Certain fizzy drinks contain caffeine that may cause individuals to feel too alert and inappropriate times, such as when needing to go to sleep. Some may feel more nervous than usual. Caffeine is known to have a narrowing effect on the blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise a bit and this is what gives that alert or jittery sensation. Too much caffeine in fizzy drinks may therefore have a negative effect on the health of those with existing high blood pressure conditions.

Teeth and gums

Fizzy drinks high in sugar and acid erode tooth enamel, causing tooth decay, dental cavities and gum disease. Choosing more nutritional alternatives will keep the body, teeth and gums healthier. If the damage has been done and you would like it to be fixed and look healthier, then it pays to visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation.

About the Author

James is a writer with an interest in all things health and dental. Currently he is working with the cosmetic dentists at Smile Stylist to deliver helpful, friendly advice on oral hygiene and dental care.

Do you drink soda? Why or why not?

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Kim May 20, 2013 at 11:06 am

I used to have soft drinks everyday, but I’ve cut down on it because it wasn’t healthy.


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