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What are Polarized Sunglasses?

written by Guest Blogger March 29, 2013

Now that spring is here, the sun is shining! Brighter, longer and the need for some sunglasses to protect those helpful globes are in order. Check out this guest article by Glasses.com to get the deets on polarized sunglasses and help you determine which sunglasses are for you. 

Polarized sunglasses are made with high-tech lenses that will protect your eyes. You hear that they are good for you and know that they are good for you, but ever wonder exactly what polarized sunglasses are and what they do? With this article, we explain the science behind them and when you want to wear them, and when you don’t.

While regular sunglasses reduce glare, polarized sunglasses actually block out certain types of light. When sunrays hit a flat surface, such as a road or still water, they become horizontally polarized when bouncing off. Now when those horizontal rays try to reach you, polarized lenses will prevent them from hitting your eyes due to the film that they have been applied with. The film will only allow vertical rays to get by, which means that horizontal rays cannot get through. This then allows the wearer to see better because they aren’t blinded by extra light.

Due to the benefits of polarized sunglasses, many brands are coming out with fabulous designs that you will love incorporating into your wardrobe. Major companies such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Tumi and Revo all produce polarized pieces so that you can wear them for any of your sporting, outdoor and daily activities where you want to give your eyes extra protection. You can purchase everything from polarized aviator sunglasses and polarized over-sized sunglasses, to polarized rimless sunglasses and polarized shield sunglasses.

Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to wearing polarized sunglasses. They are fantastic for fisherman, drivers, boaters, bikers, joggers, outdoor enthusiasts and a vast amount of sports. After all, you are guarding your eyes from extra harm, why would you ever not want to wear them right?

However, wearers of polarized lens find that there are difficulties in seeing LCD screens clearly, therefore it is not suggested that pilots or those who have to deal with these screens wear them since it could be hazardous and affect their actions. This is also the case if you have to deal with digital screens in cars or when dealing with heavy-duty equipment.

In addition to this, those who are navigating their way through snow should also avoid polarized lens glasses. One example is skiing. While some skiers prefer wearing polarized sunglasses, some skiers find it to be a bit dangerous. This is because the lenses will block out the glare that comes off of any icy areas that should be avoided. In this case, the glare actually alerts the skier to any section they should swerve around, which makes those harsh light rays a good thing.

The moral of the story is that while polarized lens are generally great when it comes to eye safety, depending on the actions that you need to carry out, it may not allow you to see as much detailing as needed. So just pick and choose which situations you wear them in.

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