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Welcome to Live Lighter!

written by Head Health Nutter November 29, 2007

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve noticed life is harder than it used to be. What were once exciting challenges have become `the-world-is-out-to-get-me’ problems. You probably experience more bad days than good ones, negative thoughts tend to rule your mind, you get breathless walking up a set of stairs, and you probably have absolutely no energy to be nice to others, let alone yourself.

On the brighter side, while you recognize you’re not as carefree as you once were, instead of blaming it on something you swear is out of your control, you’re actively seeking a resolution. You know there’s something you can do about it. You just don’t know what it is. Or more likely, you’ve tried countless methods and gimmicks before and they’ve all failed you.

I was once there. It took awhile but I figured out the secret to regaining my energy and vitality, or “youth”. It was improving my health! I was born healthy and it wasn’t until many years of treating my body like a disposable item (as early as I can remember) did I start to reap the ill-effects of the self-abuse.

Slowly, I began to clue into the fact that my body was like anything else in this world. If you want it to last, you have to take care of it. From relationships and gardens, to any machine in the man-made world, like a car or house, they all need regular maintenance. That is, if you want them around awhile and make the most out of them.

That was it! Health, or the lack thereof, was the key to all that was wrong in my life. My young and careless lifestyle was no longer working for my body and mind. They were breaking down and out of despair, I grasped and clung to the idea that total health was in my control. And with health, comes some funky 3D glasses!

It’s been approximately eight years since I realized that:

  1. I have the power to create the life I want
  2. Knowledge and then action are the keys to acquiring happiness.

While there’s a roller-coaster of a story here, which you can read in the About the Author, I’ve accomplished my goal! I am happier, healthier, leaner and keener. My life is not only easier but full because I have the energy and vitality to make the most of everyday!

I am now in the process of healing my body. A quest, if you will, for eternal youth. I want to be forever young and I will have it. Would you like to join me on the most efficient and easiest way towards eternal youth?

This is my documented health journey to-date. You will have access to all the tested and proven (to work for me) health-related knowledge that I’ve acquired for nearly ten years.

Now that I’m nearing the maintenance phase, my road is a little less rocky. It’s getting started that’s the bitch; so use Live Lighter as a fountain of information, a resource and a daily guide to reaching total health and well-being. I hope we can offer each other support and motivation on our individual health journeys. Sometimes all that’s needed is a different perspective to forever change course.

We all deserve happiness. Let’s make life more full together!

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