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Weight Training for Weight Loss

written by Guest Blogger March 23, 2015

Have you ever lost weight just to put it back on again? Well what if you knew what to do to keep it off? Today’s guest blogger, Karishma, shares with us the results of recent studies in the effectiveness of weight training to keep unwanted pounds off for life. 

Weight training has been shown to help people stay away from regaining fat deposits after a successful diet, based on the conclusions of a recent study published in ‘Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise’. This positively inspiring conclusion comes as a boon to a number of frustrated dieters who have been seeking the right combination to maintain weight loss for life.

The recently concluded study reveals that exercise, specifically weight training, can critically modify the body’s response to weight loss and in all likelihood, halt the addition of unwanted pounds from getting back on to the body, even after the diet has ended. Believed to be one of the rarest pieces of good news concerning weight loss and exercise, most dieters and people wanting to lose weight would have realised by now that the relationship between diet and exercise has been all muddled, given the numerous conflicting studies based on both exercise and diet, up until now.

Numerous studies in the past showed that only exercise, without dieting, was ineffective in reducing weight and would cause the addition of pounds, since people tend to feel fiercely hungry after intense workouts and potentially overeat, thus rendering the benefits of exercise not entirely beneficial.

On the whole, nutritionists and food experts have agreed that in order to shed superfluous pounds, calories must be reduced in a diet, whether the individual exercises or not. Consuming fewer calories than the body burns–and by the inevitable laws of physics and math–pounds are likely to be dropped effortlessly.

Regrettably, the same inevitable laws also govern that weight loss makes it difficult to stay lean after the diet has ceased. After the body has lost the weight, it begins to burn fewer calories all day long than it used to before, simply because there is less mass in the body that is expending energy. In the meantime–for grounds that are not completely comprehended by food scientists–most people who have lost weight tend to become inactive.

Scientific studies revealed that Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), which is an assessment of how much people walk, use to rise to their feet, move about, walk to the door and otherwise perform daily tasks without formal exercise, tends to decrease significantly after weight loss, simply because the body assumes that the individual is continuing to starve and instructs the brain to stay still and maintain energy.

This is where exercise comes in. An increasing number of studies are showing that individuals who commenced an exercise schedule after losing weight through a successful diet program were less likely to regain weight.

Conclusive data from studies reveals that exercise, specifically weight training, after dietary induced weight loss prompts people to move about throughout the day, encouraging movement and increasing energy. Weight training discourages an individual from staying sedentary and is thus seen to be a useful tool in preventing weight gain and maintaining weight loss even after the diet has ended.

This concludes that in order to prevent pounds from adding on to the body after a successful diet, individuals must engage in weight training exercises in order to keep the weight off for life.

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Karishma is an experienced article writer on health & lifestyle topics. Her main motive is to provide tips and information, that helps people to live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Currently she is promoting Green Coffee Bean Extract, a weight loss product that is made from natural coffee beans.

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