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Ways To Get Your Toddler Started Now On An Active Life

written by Guest Blogger November 10, 2014

Ya know, my mom wasn’t the most active woman when I knew her growing up. She’s now 65 and in a nursing home with diabetes and dementia, along with some strokes thrown in there. I’ve struggled over the years myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Part of me wishes that I grew up with a model of health. It would have made things easier, I think. So here’s Savannah Coulsen with an article on getting your youngster started early.

In the first year of a toddler’s life, the most development occurs when they begin to learn how to crawl and walk. They often enjoy learning how to play with new toys, hold a bottle for the first time, and even say their first few words. To encourage your toddler to continue their active lifestyle as they develop, there are a few steps to take to facilitate their activity and increase their physical abilities.

Explore the Outdoors

Encourage your child to have a natural curiosity with the outdoors by allowing them to explore throughout the week. Begin by taking the child to a playground where they can learn to play on outdoor structures that are in a natural setting. You can also take the toddler on various trails in parks and schedule fishing or camping trips throughout the year. Visiting a local beach will also allow the toddler to play in the sand and take a dip in the water for a great way to help them associate having fun with physical activity.

Enroll the Child in Swimming Classes

Introducing a child to the water at an early age will allow them to feel comfortable swimming as they develop. Find swimming lessons that are cheap in New York City or at your local pool for a great way to learn important methods of staying afloat and protecting themselves while they play in a pool. The activity will allow them to enjoy a seasonal sport with the company of other toddlers their age.

Introduce the Child to Sports

From golf to soccer, it’s important to begin introducing your toddler to new sports by purchasing equipment that is appropriate for their age. They can begin playing with the toys in the backyard and learn from siblings on how to play the activity. This will foster an interest in physical activity and help them to find hobbies that they can enjoy practicing.

Schedule Playdates

Instead of having your child become isolated and too comfortable with staying indoors, allow them to become extroverted and social by scheduling dates with other children in the neighborhood. Make it a point to visit the park each week, play on the swings at the neighbor’s house, or go on a walk in a wagon.

Take Family Bike Rides

Children will naturally begin to take an interest in the outside world around them by being exposed to new settings as a toddler. Allow them to feel comfortable becoming active by including the whole family. Consider going on a bike ride once a week where the toddler can ride in the back of a bike or on a trailer. It will allow them to become interested in riding their own trike once they become older and eventually learning how to ride without the help of training wheels.

Join a Gym

Toddlers can participate in exercising with their parents by visiting a play gym that is targeted to their age group. Enrolling in a class once a week will teach them how to perform different exercises, listen to instructions, and play new games for an incredible way of introducing new activities into their life. They’ll soon look forward to each class and can become more flexible and mobile.

When it comes to helping your toddler get started on an active lifestyle, it’s important to set an example and make it a normal part of life for your household. If the child is exposed to various activities at an early age, it will allow them to find new ways of staying mobile and continue to become interested in different hobbies.

About the Author

Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. 

Do you have any tips in how to start your children early showing them how easy and fun it is to lead a healthy lifestyle?

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