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Water: The Elixir of Youth

written by Head Health Nutter January 17, 2011

Have you ever stopped to consider the miracle of water? If you think water is mundane and boring, today’s post will give you a whole new perspective! Find out what water shaman, Daniel Vitalis, has to tell us about what he calls, “The Living Liquid Crystal”.

We’ve blogged about water before, as in our last post about Staying Healthy in Winter and more specifically, attempting to identify the healthiest form in The Best H2O. From the convoluted research, it turned out to be structured water and we defined it in the post, What is Structured Water?

But I felt the answers we provided were… off. And now I know why! In a captivating presentation with an engaging, entertaining speaking style, Daniel Vitalis tells us about the wonders of water, lets us know which is the healthiest and why.

Here’s Part 2 where it starts to get real juicy (don’t worry, you don’t need Part 1 but I’ve included a link below for you to access all four parts):

Amazing! I love how Daniel presents facts and includes a spiritual perspective. For instance, he makes sure to remind us how truly fortunate we are, that we are actually cradled in a force of love – did you know if Earth were any closer or farther from the sun, we wouldn’t be here?

For all you readers out there or those who haven’t the time to watch all the entire presentation, here are some of the highlights:

  • Water is a liquid mineral and defies the generally accepted laws of physics. It’s the only natural substance you can see in one place on the Earth in all 3 states of matter (liquid, solid and gas).
  • Like other liquids, when water freezes it shrinks. Unlike other liquids, when it reaches a certain sub-zero temperature, it expands! (This property is essential to life on Earth and Daniel explains why.)
  • Water is the ONLY organic liquid in the world. All other liquids in nature are basically water or made by things made of water.
  • It has a relatively narrow temperature range to stay a liquid. Earth’s location in space is exactly the right distance from the sun for life to flourish here.
  • Water is a crystal which means it can carry information. A crystal is where molecules, atoms, ions, etc. are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern to make a formation. We see this in snowflakes but not when water is in its other forms.
  • Nearly all the water we use is processed. Daniel admits there are health reasons for this, explains why it’s necessary and also tells us about wild water.
  • Daniel and his supporters believe natural, 100% spring water is the healthiest. This water has been filtered by the earth’s layers (soil, sand, detoxifying clay and carbon) to sit in earth’s storage tanks for tens of thousands of years until it makes it’s way back up to the surface through natural springs.

Where did I source this video?

Attending the Longevity Now Conference in California (or getting the 16 DVD set) is currently on my wish list. For now, I’ve been very satisfied with receiving David Wolfe‘s newsletters where he shares videos, many of which include conference presentations by some of today’s leading natural health experts (eg. Dr. Mercola).

Here’s the link to Daniel’s presentation in 4 parts: http://www.thelongevitynowconference.com/vitalis-video-1.html

How did you like the presentation? So help me out here because the research is a little confusing: is spring water structured water?

UPDATE 2017, this video is now private.

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