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Walk Your Way to Health

written by Guest Blogger June 7, 2015

Building muscles are definitely what makes a body fit. But if you do nothing else, just walk. Check out today’s guest post by Zyana Morris and Sheerin Jafri for reasons to get out and simply walk!

If I were to say that a morning walk is the best gift you can give your body then it would be nothing but truth. You may eat healthy or unhealthy but if your body is used to walking in the morning then it is most definitely healthier than of those who don’t. Don’t believe me?

Give this a try for two weeks; you will notice a refreshing change in your mental, emotional and physical state. All your work outs, dietary plans and other healthy habits come down to one point where all of them include one common practice: walking. There’s hardly any health practitioner, dietitian or nutritionist who wouldn’t encourage you to make walking a daily activity to start your day.

Here are some reasons why must never ditch your morning walk:

Keep Calm & Walk

Are you one of those people who go for a walk right after a heated argument or when they are stressed about something? Many people do. Why? I mean, you were angry and stressed one moment and now all you could think of is going out for a walk. Well, walking has its own benefits and among all of its benefits the most ignored of them all is the ability to calm your nerves down in times of extreme agitation or stress.

For the Love of Your Heart

People seem to become more conscious about their health after realizing they have a heart condition. Health issues like cholesterol and high blood pressure all lead to major heart problems, and they can especially add up if you are neglecting your health at your workplace. What most doctors indicated as the reason of worsening heart conditions was the consumption of high calorie food without burning all those calories which eventually lead to strokes. For a healthy heart and to minimize the risk of heart diseases, it is recommended to go for a half an hour brisk walk each morning. It doesn’t just improve your heart condition but your overall health, the blood flow and oxygen level is also generally improved.

Avoid Osteoporosis

We all keep hearing about this disease called osteoporosis, where your bones lose their mass to a point they become brittle. The rate at which this bone disease is spreading, specifically among women is quite alarming as it’s no longer restricted to your post menstrual age. Cases of osteoporosis among men and mostly women in their 20s are being reported. The reason, as identified by health experts is the lack of required vitamins and nutrients in your body.

Looking at our Western lifestyles, they hardly include any physical activity unless we want to reduce weight or get that beach body. Walking half an hour every morning strengthens your bones, joints, muscles, tissues altogether. A healthy diet and regular walk can result in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, hip fractures and increases endorphin release. Unlike most stressful workouts, which are not recommended for people with bone problems and disease, walking is the best medicine that is known to work.

Burn the Fats

There is one thing almost everyone is after: to have a healthy body which is not obese. Walking is known to burn fats more than any other workout. Improved heart rate and oxygen levels lead to burning calories and maintaining a healthy body.

There is no denying the fact that morning walks genuinely improves your health on so many levels. With proper diet which includes portions of wheat, veggies, herbs, lentils and beans along with regular walking, truly is healthy for your mind, heart, body and soul.

About the Author

Zyana Morris and Sheerin Jafri are passionate bloggers. They love to write on the topics related to health and lifestyle.

Do you have any other benefits of walking you’d like to share?

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