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Using the Mind to Heal the Body

written by Head Health Nutter October 13, 2009

If everything in the Universe is made of energy, like quantum physicists say it is, and it can never be destroyed or created but can be transformed, then it IS possible that thoughts can become reality. A real-life instance is the placebo effect, which proves the powerful link between belief and physical health.

PSYCH-K is a personal development method of reaching the subconscious and changing your life from the inside-out. You are completely aware the entire time and a belief change can happen within minutes. The effects sometime take time to show up, as Aileen shares with us in her amazing story:

“Email to Doug Parks [PSYCH-K facilitator], Spirit 2000 Oct. 7, 2009

Hi Doug,

These days I am totally infused with profound gratitude, especially for you, Bruce [Dr. Lipton, cellular biologist] and Rob [Mr. Williams, Founder of PYSCH-K] and the work that you all do! I feel I must let you know of a personal experience emanating from last year’s November Psych-K workshop in San Mateo.

Coming to the workshop, my recovery from a stem-cell transplant had stalled and my oncologist had concluded I had “xyz” condition resulting from my stem cells being damaged during transplant. I was told this (anemia) would be a life-long condition which would be moderated with periodic blood transfusions.

Figuring Bruce knew a heck of a lot more about stem cells than my esteemed oncologist, I posed the question to him. His response: “If your stem cells had been damaged during transplant you wouldn’t be standing here today. There’s nothing wrong with your stem cells… It’s their environment.” I was infused with hope!…But still a bit skeptical. 🙂

During the ensuing two days, Rob taught us Psych-K. When we learned the Resolution Balance [one of several PSYCH-K techniques], I balanced [reprogrammed the subconscious] for “Every part of me is perfectly healthy and functioning in total harmony” with the overall goal of “robust health.” One of the visual indicators was “100% perfect health via any medical test possible.”

(By the way, today is the first time I actually took out that VAK To The Future [a PSYCH-K method in communicating with the subconscious] to read the exact words since I initially did it.)

Well, all the medical test results came in last week. And, you guessed it…EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY NORMAL! Both my oncologist and GP are amazed. My GP said “we almost lost you (2 ½ years ago)”…and my oncologist concluded “the chances for the Hodgkin’s recurrence for you are now highly unlikely.” (Lingering Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 4, in my bone marrow is what necessitated the stem cell transplant.)

It has been quite the journey. As I think back, that belief that I balanced for on November 16, 2008, altered my behavior and attracted into my life information and individuals with just the right combination of expertise to assist me in making the necessary internal adjustments to my cellular environment to result in the manifestation of my “robust health.”

Oh, I’m not done…not by any stretch of the imagination. The process continues! But it all started with Bruce’s infusion of hope and information and then with Rob’s instruction and guidance. And you, my dear Doug, are the one who brings this all together and allows miracles to happen!! Words cannot fully express how full of gratitude my heart is for the work that you do! And for the work that Bruce and Rob do! Bless you all!!!

Aileen Kader

P.S. Feel free to use my story, if you feel it can help. Also, I’m within driving distance of San Mateo and would be happy to come down and be of personal service in November, if you feel that would be helpful.”

What did you think of Aileen’s story?

By the way, I learned a new word today relevant to the discussion of PSYCH-K: praxis, which is the integration of belief with behaviour. Mr. Williams says PSYCH-K needs praxis in order to work. Although we’ve changed self-destructive beliefs to self-enhancing ones, we still need to ACT and allow the new beliefs to support our behaviour.

Are you excited about PSYCH-K? Please leave your opinions in the comment section! If you’re ready to experience PSYCH-K, please contact me and I will help you locate a PSYCH-K facilitator near you: stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org.

PSYCH-K® is a registered trademark of The Myrddin Corporation and is used with their permission. Live Lighter and Stephanie Miller are independent of The Myrddin Corporation. For more information about PSYCH-K and The Myrddin Corporation, visit the website www.psych-k.com.

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman October 13, 2009 at 4:42 pm

Wow! Thanks Stephanie for posting Aileen’s story. I am very inspired by what has happened in her life. Such a great message for us all to hear about utilizing the power of our minds to heal ourselves.


Head Health Nutter October 17, 2009 at 11:09 am

You’re very welcome for Aileen’s story, I was just as inspired and had to share it with everyone!

I plan on following her lead and balancing for, “Every part of me is perfectly healthy and functioning in total harmony”.

For people who don’t have access to PSYCH-K facilitators, a recent tip from The Secret Daily Teachings:

“To harness the power of well-being using visualization, imagine with every breath you take that you are breathing in pure, white, illuminating energy. Imagine your body filling with this beautiful, pure, illuminating energy, and see this energy lighting up every cell in your body until the entire inside and outside of your body is glowing and radiating like a brilliant star.”


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