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Transform 2012 Doom & Gloom: Interview with Sandra Ingerman

written by Head Health Nutter December 10, 2010

Did the 2012 movie create some fear and apprehension about the future for you? You’re not alone. But in today’s post, Sandra Ingerman, author of How to Thrive in Changing Times, provides us a powerful, positive and empowering perspective (along with some tips) to consider.

Have you heard about the new documentary, Apocalypse 2012, examining the growing phenomenon of those who are convinced life as we know it will end December 21, 2012? Some people are thinking suicide and others have sold their homes to fund preparations for the cataclysmic event. (Source: The Observer)

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Sandra Ingerman to discuss her latest book, How to Thrive in Changing Times. Sandra is a Shamanic researcher and like many spiritual leaders, chooses to view the 2012 prophesies in a more positive light. She actively teaches people how to create their future using ancient creation principals.

Read more about the book here and in my review. Also, Sandra’s book helped inspire, “The Perfect Healthcare System“.

The following is what transpired from our interview. Sandra shares her beliefs, practical tips to help us manifest our wants and desires (including a healthier planet & society), and suggests how we can incorporate these practices into our healthy living pursuits.

Time of Awakening

Humans have different aspects – body, mind and soul. Take away the body and mind, and we’re left with the spiritual part. This is the creative force we share with the rest of nature; It is God, Goddess, Universe, Chi, Vishnu, or however you prefer to label It.

In our culture, we no longer celebrate a connection with nature, like ancient cultures once did (some still do). We moved away from a spiritual place towards a more scientific, rational way of looking at life. We extracted ourselves from the Web of Life and forgot that what we do affects others and the planet.

While ancient cultures focus more on an inner world, western culture focuses on the outer world. But our culture is now beginning to realize that nothing the material world has to offer creates sustainable happiness. It is fleeting joy and we are left with the feeling of emptiness.

The 2012 prophesies refer to a spiritual evolution in human consciousness. It is an opportunity for mankind to access spiritual wealth and explore our spiritual gardens. Our thoughts and emotions are the seeds for our reality, and in this time of awakening, the fabric of reality (between the spiritual and material worlds) is dissolving. Those inner seeds are sprouting in reality much faster!

Time of Transition

From a spiritual perspective, life and death are one process. We have a big birth and big death but throughout our lives we experience little births and little deaths. Change is when something ends and something new begins.

Pain and suffering comes from resisting change; when we’d rather stay comfortable in the known rather than embrace the unknown.

In many spiritual traditions, including Shamanism, initiates typically go through an initiation rite designed to bring their egos to their knees. The idea is that pain and suffering reduces the ego and, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, allows change to happen through the expansion of awareness and enlightenment.

This time of transition is an initiation of sorts. We’re being asked to look at how we’ve created an unhealthy society and planet, take responsibility and be part of the solution, and witness the power of community. Through pain and suffering, such as the devastation caused by natural disasters, we see the compassion, generosity, and amazing strength and abilities of the human race.

Birth of a Healthier Planet

By reconnecting with nature and tapping into our creative abilities, we can be a positive influence in this birthing process of a healthier planet. Using our imaginations is how we affect the outer world. We’re also creating our world with our thoughts, like Mahatma Gandhi once said:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

I believe our destiny (all those alive at this time) is to help with this transition predicted for 2012. That is, to find the discipline to reframe our thoughts and replace them with positive ones. To use our imagination and senses to do it. To do the inner work necessary to birth a healthier planet.

It’s worth noting here that this doesn’t mean to deny what’s not working, but as a community, to acknowledge what needs improvement. On an individual level, we need to believe all change is possible and look to our intuition for solutions. We can then use all our senses to imagine (and create) a healthy planet and society.

What We Can Do

We all have power when we work with the invisible realms. For instance, words are magic. In creation myths around the globe, all of creation began with a word or sound.

When we think or speak, are we planting seeds of hope or fear?

Here are a few ideas and creation practices I teach (you can find these and more in How to Thrive in Changing Times):

  1. Replace thoughts & words. We can develop a daily practice for being more aware of what we’re thinking and saying. Replace negative thoughts and words with ones which will bring forth a more positive outcome.
  2. Use your imagination. Rather than complain about what’s wrong in the world today, start imagining the world you’d love to live in.
  3. Create a joyful state. Neural plasticity research indicates we can heal many physical disabilities, depression, and other ailments by creating new neural pathways in our brain. Next time you’re feeling blue, remember the good times and re-experience the joy of them through your memory, imagination and senses.
  4. Reminders. Negativity is a habit. My office is full of beautiful words, images and inspiring thoughts to remind me of the positive side of this world, as well as to be positive myself. Use plaques, pictures and post-it notes as reminders to help form a new habit of positivity.

These creation practices help change perceptions. They are training for seeing the beauty no matter what’s happening. Shamanic cultures teach this `emotional alchemy’ where they evoke the feelings of appreciation and gratitude at will, especially when they’re ready to move out of pain and suffering.

They honour Nature and give thanks to It for the life they receive from the elements. I believe our environmental situation would change dramatically if a few more of us were to take up this habit. Nature is reflecting how we’ve been treating it, with dishonour and disrespect.

Final Thoughts

Shamanic teachings are about controlling the ego, mind and heart (emotions). We have thoughts and feelings, and while they are all very right and human, they also have different outcomes. We all have the ability to chose our thoughts and feelings, and with regular practice, we can create the world we want.

A big huge thank you to Sandra for taking the time to speak with us about her book and for sharing her beliefs, thoughts and practical advice concerning 2012. Find it all (and more) in How to Thrive in Changing Times. Hopefully this post has alleviated a few fears and inspired you to get practicing these creation activities!

In closing, I’d like to refer to Sunday’s post, “21st Century Magic: Garbage into Gold“. These stories get me excited because I predict a big part of our job in `birthing a healthier planet and society’ is achieving more of a balance between our dual aspects. That is, marrying the wisdom of ancient cultures (spirituality & manifestation) with modern wisdom (science & technology). What do YOU think about the whole affair?

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman December 15, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Wow, what an interview. Very nice review of what I’ve been researching on the 2012 transitions. I also loved that quote by Mahatma Gandhi:
“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

In many ways this is a wonderful summary of what we are all meant to strive for. Thanks Steph for this thoughtful post!

Head Health Nutter December 16, 2010 at 12:30 pm

You’re most welcome, Emmanuel. I loved Sandra’s book and believe whole-heartedly that we humans have more power within us than we can even begin to imagine. Though, that’s what Sandra says to do: imagine!

Dee January 20, 2012 at 11:24 am

Double Wow! I agree with your summation Steph ~ life is all about balance. Since discovering this wonderful post today (better late than never) I now have to add 2 more books to my growing list of recommended reading. Sandra Ingerman seems to be offering positive, practical and empowering tools for personal transformation in this time of spiritual transition. These shamanic teachings ring clear & true for me.

Head Health Nutter January 27, 2012 at 1:38 am

And don’t forget, Dee, Sandra’s exercises are fun, too! 🙂


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