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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

written by Guest Blogger December 22, 2013

With the new year right around the corner and most of the holiday shopping done now, many people are starting to think about their 2014 resolutions. Today’s guest blogger, Paul Smith, reminds us of reasons why we might like to focus more on our health this coming year. 

Nowadays people choose a healthy lifestyle increasingly more. We know that it improves our health and our way of life, but sometimes it is easy to lose sight and forget why we limit ourselves in some areas.

Here are the top 10 reasons that motivate people to lead healthier lifestyles:

1) Live longer. There are a great number of people who fail to think about their life in the future. The statistics show that people who lead healthier lifestyles (avoid fast and processed food, cigarettes and limit alcohol use), live 14 years longer. Not bad, eh?

2) Protection against 20th century deceases and infections. Every day we come across people who have diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Every one of us or our friends know at least one person who has cancer. The genetic factor plays its role in defining the susceptibility of your chances of getting these diseases; nevertheless, you can protect yourself to a great degree through a healthy lifestyle. For instance, eat a better diet and make exercise a regular daily task. If you increase the number of nutrients in your body and cut down on the bad fats, it means that you augment your antioxidant level and increase your immune system. All of which defends your body against various infections and diseases.

3) Lose weight as a side-effect. By eating the right number of the fats, carbohydrates and protein, in the right amounts, your metabolism will work in the right way. If you also increase your activity, your fat will be released and you’ll gain more muscle; that is, you’ll be more fit!

4) Become more energetic. Some people think that working on self-improvement is exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. The opposite is actually true: your body becomes stronger and enduring, it runs more effectively, and all because you provide your body with nutrients and activity that your body needs.

5) Keep medical costs down. It is natural that if you are healthy, you have no need to go to the chemist’s shop and buy pills. Healthy people keep medical costs down for themselves and their government. Scientists found out that doleful people live less, they always feel the lack of something and cannot value the present; cheery people are, on the contrary, live longer and, perhaps, they believe that even laughter prolongs lifetime! What is our verdict? Be happy and value happy moments in your life. Sometimes this is difficult to remember because happiness doesn’t leave scars on the heart as sad events do.

6) Look better. The person who leads a healthy lifestyle has better color of skin, teeth, eyes, hair and nails. It truly makes you to feel and look better!

7) Sleep better. Healthy lifestyles help overcome depression and provide better sleep without using any anti-depressants or sleeping pills.

8) Become more confident. You will be proud of your body and want to show it to others. You’ll generally feel better and this shows in your body language. A confidence in yourself can affect your environment and the people in it in a very positive way. You’ll become happier and healthier, and want to share your success with people around you.

9) Inspire others. You will become as a muse to others. If you don’t already appreciate your efforts just because you’re accomplishing good health, you eventually will through others because you’ll see others will want to emulate you – fitter and healthier.

10) Better sex. Expert say that a healthy lifestyle improves your sex life. ‘Nough said? If not, experts also say that healthy food (especially nuts, garlic, seeds and chickpeas) and brisk walks can reduce the presence of Erectile Dysfunction.

About the Author

Paul Smith has lead a healthy life for many years. He likes to write about food, nutrition, book reviews and nature. You are able to view some of his work at custom essays uk.

Is there another reason you can add to this list? In my experience, leading a healthier lifestyle increased my emotional and mental capabilities, too. My moods were more stable and I got a lot more done in a day, getting closer to my goals. 

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