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Top 10 Most Fattening Holiday Foods

written by Guest Blogger December 23, 2010

Christmas is 2 days away and if you’re anything like me, you’ve already been celebrating the holiday season all month! As a great follow up post to How to Lose Weight Over the Holidays, guest blogger Michael Lewis gives us a list of the most calorie-laden foods this time of year.

Have you always wanted a Santa belly (as in, it jiggles when you laugh, like a bowlful of jelly)? Well, now’s your chance.

Not that you can’t stuff yourself with food every day of the year, but the holidays are well known as the time when people abandon all reason and inhale a gallery of consumable items that are brimming with fats, sugars, and everything we love.

Here are the top ten to help you expand your girth if such is your wont this holiday season (or to avoid if you’re looking for the opposite effect):

  1. Artichoke dip. With a roster of ingredients that includes mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese, you can bet that this sinfully delicious appetizer packs a wallop of fat and calories. But don’t worry; the cries of protest from your overtaxed arteries will be drowned out by your moans of pleasure.
  2. Eggnog. Just one serving of eggnog contains over 300 calories and about 20 grams each of fat and sugar. Ouch. My heart hurts just thinking about it.
  3. Alcohol. Yes, we all know that alcohol is high in calories (although red wine has been known to feature some heart-healthy benefits when consumed in moderation). The real trouble starts when you add alcohol to your favorite winter drinks. Peppermint (Schnapps) hot chocolate, hot buttered rum, and Ben and Jerry’s are all tasty, but they will do nothing to help your figure.
  4. Deep fried turkey. Whoever invented this southern holiday classic should have just injected himself with fryer grease and saved the world a lot of heartache (literally). If you’ve never heard of it, it’s just what it sounds like. Are you shaking your head in disbelief? Do a search for “deep fried turkey explosion” and you’ll see just how much damage this crispy bird can do.
  5. Turducken. This enhanced bird features three times the legs and three times the stuffing. If you’re wondering what the side effects of a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey (with attending layers of stuffing) could be, then take a long, hard look at John Madden. Bam!
  6. Roast goose. While some people prefer this turkey alternative, it is laden with calories and fat. With over 700 calories per serving (almost 500 of which are attributed to fat), you’ll be feeling festively plump in no time.
  7. Green bean casserole. It’s really not fair that a vegetable dish could be so heavy in fat, sodium and calories, but apparently, adding all that cream is bad for you. Luckily, there are plenty of substitutions that will make this side dish a little lighter.
  8. Mashed potatoes. The real killer in this classic side dish comes in the form of added fat from butter, cream and gravy. Consider substitutions to take down the calorie count or opt for sweet potatoes instead. They have a similar amount of fat and calories, but way more nutrients to add balance to your diet. Just skip the sweet potato pie and its attendant butter and marshmallows.
  9. Apple pie. Weighing in with about 500 calories per slice, this seemingly innocuous dessert is like a sucker punch to the gut (that keeps on giving). If you’re craving some cinnamon and apples, try baking them in the oven without the sugar and flaky pastry crust and cut the calories by a large margin.
  10. Other desserts. The trouble with the cookies, cakes and candies that abound this season is not that they’re full of fat and sugar; it’s that you can’t eat just one! The abundance of treats tests your willpower day and night, and when you finally fall off the wagon, you might need a forklift to get back up again.

About the Author

Michael Lewis writes for tshirtprinting.net where you can design your own custom clothing at affordable prices.

I’d like to add ham as it’s about 300 calories per 6oz slice, high in cholesterol and very high in sodium. (Check out this cool holiday dinner calculator to help you manage your intake.) What fattening holiday food would you add to this list?

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