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Tips on Cleaning the Toughest Stains

written by Guest Blogger December 1, 2012

Have you ever been confronted by a spill you know will stain and have no idea how to take care of it besides throwing it in the garbage? In today’s guest blog post, Grace Bailey shares with us natural solutions to take care of 5 of the toughest stains and dirt you’ll ever encounter! 


This is the type of stain you want the least in your house; it is also considerably difficult to clean as well, so unless you have the proper knowledge to handle it, you won’t be able to fully clean it.

Create a mix of water, cornstarch, talcum powder and cornmeal. Now this may seem elaborate but it is perfectly efficient and you won’t be sorry for trying it because the results are usually quite perfect. Apply the substance on the stained spot and then wipe it out. Use cold water to increase the effect even further. You might have to rub the spot for up to a half an hour to fully remove the stain, though.

If the blood happens to stain a leather surface, it becomes more difficult. At this point, you’ll have to get your hands on some hydrogen peroxide and apply it carefully. Wait for it to start bubbling and when it does, you will know it has taken effect. Wait until you see the filth being disintegrated and then wash it thoroughly.

If you happen to have blood on a fabric material, then simply use water and cotton. Saliva also does great job, even better. Place it on the spot and the blood will be gone in a matter of moments.


There are multiple ways of dealing with marks of all sorts because marks more or less are easy to do away with. Some marks however are exceptionally difficult to remove. These are, for instance, crayon marks. If they appear on the wall, they are especially difficult to remove so you need the right substance to treat them with. One such mix is toothpaste with an extract of ammonia. Both of them are very powerful but the good news is that when mixed they don’t react negatively. Just like with any other mashes, wait until it cleans up the filth and then wash with water.


If you make something look shiny you can be certain that it will be remembered positively by the guests of your house. The best way to deliver a shiny effect to a surface is by covering it with wax. Wax cleans everything, absorbing any dirt and provides a beautiful shiny brilliance to any surface, especially wood. It will look as if it is polished!


Windows are important to clean because stains there catch the eye the most. So, if there is dust on the windows, use a brush to clean it away. Remember that dust must be swept in order to be properly removed and avoid any additional mess. There are special sponges for cleaning windows. If you buy an ordinary one you can be sure that even if you remove any stains and dust, there will be still spots remaining signifying all the places where the cleaning substance was placed initially.

Buy one proper sponge, usually a bit more expensive, and use it wisely so that you purchase them as rarely as possible. Instead of such an expensive sponge you can use cotton. As you can imagine, though, cotton is not too cheap and the expense will be pretty much the same since you will need more than just one packet of cotton for an entire window.

About the Author

Grace is a writer and really likes to live in clean and shining home.

One tough stain solution I can offer is for blood: use Murphy’s Oil Soap. It works like a charm, especially when applied when the stain is fresh. Do you have any natural solutions to tough stains? 

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