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Tips for Stress-Free Spring Cleaning

written by Guest Blogger April 22, 2015

Call me crazy but I love spring cleaning! I’m going to love it even more after taking a few of these tips by guest blogger, Benjamin Lamm. 

The days are longer, birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming – spring is definitely in the air. The coming of spring also means it’s time to do some deep cleaning to get your home picture perfect for summer entertaining. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful, especially if you are organized and dedicated to getting it done.

#1: Keep It Realistic

Spring cleaning doesn’t happen in a day, at least not for most houses. Break down everything you need to do into bite-size chunks, and work on getting your kids to help, but be realistic. Plan to work on manageable-size chunks, even if it means spring cleaning may take a week or two to complete.

#2: Take Advantage of After Hours

It can be impossible to work on spring cleaning around your normal daily tasks, especially if you work outside the home or spend your days shuttling the kids around. Instead, consider scheduling a single cleaning task in the evenings, perhaps after the kids are in bed. Dedicating just one hour a day to uninterrupted cleaning will help get your home spic and span before summer arrives.

#3: Out With the Old

One major spring cleaning chore is switching out the winter wardrobes for the warm weather duds. Take this opportunity to thin out your closet, which will give you more room and make future spring cleanings easier. If you didn’t wear that sweater last winter, what are the chances that you will wear it next year? Donate it and move on. The best method of trimming down in an organized way, I’ve found, is to label everything.

#4: Schedule a Temporary Hiatus

Do you really want to cook a four-course meal after a day of deep scrubbing the bathrooms? Give yourself a break on the regular daily chores that can wait. Spring cleaning week is the week to pull meals out of the freezer or order in pizza. Focus on the temporary tasks for spring cleaning and let anything that isn’t time sensitive slide until you are done.

#5: Utilize Simple Solutions

A lot of spring cleaning is just managing the regular clutter that builds up in any home. As you clean each section of your house, add in some simple small storage solutions that will be easy to maintain throughout the rest of the year. New shelving, dividers, or racks can keep your pantry or linen closet looking nice and organized. Even adding some dividers or small containers to a drawer can work wonders at corralling small items.

#6: Give Yourself a Ribbon

You deserve a reward after a long day of cleaning! Build some rewards into your spring cleaning routine. Small rewards can keep you motivated as you finish small tasks, while a big reward at the end may be just what you need to finish your spring cleaning. Pick something that you know will motivate you, whether it’s a small item for the house, new socks, or a fancy dinner out.

About the Author

Benjamin Lamm is a communication specialist and blogger. Ben enjoys playing the guitar, spending time with family and social networking.

One tip I’d like to add that make spring cleaning more fun is music! As I’m getting rid of the old and sweeping up the dust bunnies, I rock out to my favourite tunes, making the chore more like a mini-vacation!

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