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The Ultimate Self-Improvement Tool

written by Head Health Nutter March 25, 2009

Do you tend to get in your own way of accomplishing goals and realizing your dreams, like most of us? Are you frustrated because despite all your insight, wisdom and all your hard work to be the best you possible, you keep coming up short?

That’s why I’m absolutely pumped to try this natural, non-invasive, completely holistic and ingenious method of transformation, PSYCH-K®. It’s the missing piece of the entire self-improvement puzzle!

It’s also the second half of the video lecture we shared with you 2 weeks ago in The Science of Change where we learned that beliefs alter our perception, and our perception controls behaviour, turns on genes and can even rewrite genes.

We were left with important questions, though, like how can we identify (let alone change) something as intangible as a belief? Well, believe it or not, this program promises to do just that.

Bottom line: PSYCH-K enables us to reprogram our self-limiting beliefs and upgrade our systems with self-supporting beliefs that will ultimately change our behaviour (and lives).

It’s spring cleaning for your mind!

Bonus Benefits of PSYCH-K™

Here are just a few reasons why I’m sold on PSYCH-K:

  • The promise that all you will ever need is one weekend course (the basic for a total cost of $450 Cdn). Two days and a certified instructor will provide you the knowledge you need to use this method any time, anywhere, with anyone.
  • Self-limiting beliefs you’ve had for years can be changed almost instantly.
  • It’s a holistic approach, incorporating elements and knowledge from multiple disciplines like psychology, kinesiology, quantum physics and spirituality.
  • You can objectively test whether or not the belief has been changed.
  • There are safety protocols to ensure that you do no harm. For instance, permission is needed before a change is made. Williams says our beliefs are there for a reason and sometimes it’s just not the right time because either our body, mind or soul isn’t ready for the change.
  • It is a tool to access your inner wisdom. It’s always all you. You control the process and the answers come from within you. PSYCH-K simply communicates with your spiritual side to identify self-supporting beliefs that will work for you at the time. It also accesses the sub-conscious to change a self-limiting belief to match a consciously-made, self-supporting belief.
  • You retain free will. Williams gives the analogy of an icon on your computer; you have to click on it before you can run the program. Action on your new beliefs is still required for change to happen but you are equally free not to act. It’s your choice.

A little more about PSYCH-K

Rob Williams is the originator of the program and it’s his solution to permanent change. Mr. Williams’ bio may be the only information you need to convince you that PSYCH-K is a worthwhile life investment. Scroll down his bio page and find an especially enlightening link to hear the Awakened Media radio interview. You’ll not only learn about Williams and his program but also about life in general.

It’s the mother of all self-improvement tools and will allow you to put into practice everything you’ve learned up to this point. Want to quit smoking tomorrow? What about getting rid of your chronic anxiety? Or maybe you have some health issues you’d like cleared up?

It’s our negative beliefs that hold us back from following through on our good intentions. By going to the root of our problems and changing our subconscious beliefs to those that will support our conscious decisions, we build self-confidence and strengthen our integrity.

Who else wants to make it easier to fulfill our true potential and be the best humans we can be? If you’re ready to experience PSYCH-K, please contact me and I will help you locate a PSYCH-K facilitator near you: stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org.

PSYCH-K® is a registered trademark of The Myrddin Corporation and is used with their permission. Live Lighter and Stephanie Miller are independent of The Myrddin Corporation. For more information about PSYCH-K and The Myrddin Corporation, visit the website www.psych-k.com.

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