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The Physical Challenge of Blogging & How to Beat It with Diet & Regular Exercise

written by Guest Blogger May 23, 2012

Yes, today’s guest post is for bloggers but it’s also for anyone who sits in front of the computer for most of their day. Check out what Latasari has to say about improving your efficiency and output using diet and regular exercise!

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects in blogging is the physical side. Most people tend to think that blogging is a great line of work because you get to take it easy all the time. There is little need for physical activity due to the requirements of the job.

You basically sit in front of a computer and type away all day. Unfortunately, that is the same reason so many bloggers fail. The constant rise and fall of so many blogs can be traced to two main problems. They are lack of proper discipline, nutrition and sufficient exercise.

Many people believe that since all a blogger does is sit around all day thinking, they do not need to worry about diet or exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially since the mind is heavily dependent on the body to function properly. The benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise will be seen in the increased productivity of your mind.

Why is food important in the success of your blog?

Food is the fuel that your whole body runs on, even your mind. Proper nutrition can equate into more energy for you to work with. Take into mind that the quality of your meals will affect the energy that you stockpile. A diet that relies heavily on junk food and preservatives will give you the same type of energy. On the other hand, a diet that utilizes healthy food will give your body the needed nutrients it needs and be much easier to digest.

Many professional bloggers who work for 12 hours a day, or more, do not have the time to shop and cook healthy meals. Other bloggers, who can spare time to prepare their own meals, live in countries like northern Europe or North America where there is limited availability of fresh, organic fruit and veg.

However, there are certain companies, like DiettoGo and BistroMD who have made it their mission to select fresh, natural ingredients, prepare healthy calorie-portioned meals and deliver them to your door in packs that can cover up to 6 meals a day for a whole week.

A blogger needs his mind to perform at optimal capacity. A versatile mind that can think quickly is essential for producing articles swiftly without sacrificing quality. With the proper diet in place, your body will have the proper energy to meet these requirements. A bad diet will often result in a more lethargic pace for your body.

Why is exercise important in the success of your blog?

If your mind is the steering wheel and your diet the fuel, then your body is the engine. In order to maximize your productivity, a healthy body is just as essential as a healthy mind.

Another problem bloggers encounter often is struggling with their weight. When a blogger is glued to the computer all day they tend to put on extra weight. The lack of physical movement in addition to the usual fast food makes weight loss very challenging.

Exercise is essential for keeping the body healthy. The same way a vehicle needs regular tuning and maintenance, so does our body need exercise. Exercise provides for much needed strengthening and conditioning in our body. The difference is most visible in scenarios that require quick action and energy.

Diet and exercise is something most bloggers overlook, but with a proper diet and exercise, you will find yourself waking up feeling refreshed, and far more productive.

About the Author

Latasri is a health and wellness blogger who likes to share her views on diets like DiettoGo and BistroMD. Besides making available Bistro MD coupon and DiettoGo gift code she also blogs about fitness, diet and weight loss.

Do you sit on your butt for most of the day? Can you relate to what Latasri is trying to say in this post?

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Grace Cherian May 24, 2012 at 2:22 pm

As a writer, I know I struggle with a great occupational hazard — sitting on my butt almost all day in front of the computer. Latasri, you raise some excellent points. We need to fuel ourselves with food and exercise.

Christine Peets May 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm

I can definitely relate to this, and thank Grace for bringing your article to my attention. I intend to link to it in my next blog post, which, coincidentally enough, is how hard it is to meet the challenge of eating well and exercising regularly. Sometimes you have to ignore that little voice that says, “oh it’s ok, it’s dark chocolate, and that’s good for you.” or, “it’s ok, you don’t have to exercise every day.”
Thanks for reminding us how important it is to maintain our health and energy–physical and mental–with good diet and exercise.

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Head Health Nutter May 26, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Thank you both, Grace and Christine, for chiming in so we all know we’re not alone in this struggle! 🙂


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