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The No Excuse Man (An Inspiration!)

written by Head Health Nutter June 24, 2013

Live Lighter has been quiet for a week now, but for good reason. My Mom needed me and, of course, I raced back home without hesitation. While I was there, though, I reconnected with my former employer and discovered he’s become an inspiration for healthy living! Please meet: the “No Excuse Man.”

So you think you’re busy, eh? No time for exercise or healthy eating? Well, check out the life of the “No Excuse Man” (I’ll refer to him as NEM for short) and I’m sure you’ll realize the same thing as I did for myself: I haven’t any good reasons for shirking my personal responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle – I’ve been making excuses.

NEM owns the best restaurant and bar in town (yes, I’m biased but also truthful).  At the moment, his head cook is seriously ill and can only work part-time at a limited capacity. NEM also lacks a `front of house’ manager, so he must divide his time between cooking in the kitchen and maintaining the integrity of service for guests, plus all the other responsibilities a business owner has to do to keep things running (scheduling, payroll, ordering food and beverage, etc…).

He opens AND closes the restaurant everyday, seven days a week. The menu is a mix of delicious food, including bar fare so deep-fried, high-calorie temptations are always in abundance. If you’ve never worked in hospitality or noticed when dining out, the very nature of the restaurant/bar industry is high energy and stressful, particularly at peak hours.

Besides his work life, for the last 2 months NEM has been renovating his 3,000 square foot home. In order to save money (which is a habit all successful business owners exercise), he’s assisting in the labour himself to help the professionals finish their work sooner. They’ve completed the inside and have now begun renovating the outside. On top of this, he maintains his pool and mows his lawn because he ¨enjoys being outside and active.¨

And would you like to know the best part? He’s 58 years old.

NEM could have a 100 reasons for living an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, he exercises for 2 hours a day (between cardio and weight-training) and chooses a diet of mainly lean meats and veggies. When I worked for him, he smoked cigarettes like a chimney, too, however he’s been smoke-free for 5 years now and says he has zero desire to pick up the habit again.

As busy and stressful as his life is, NEM makes it work. He’s created a healthy routine that he sticks to for the most part and diverges from it only when absolutely necessary. He says exercise is integral to managing his stress and his eyes light up when talking about how good he feels being active. If he’s unable to workout, it upsets him and he becomes anxious to return to his routine.

Has getting a peak inside the life of the ¨No Excuse Man¨ inspired you as much as it has for me? Do you realize all your reasons are just excuses?

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