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The New E-Cigarette Trend & Smoking Cessation

written by Guest Blogger December 6, 2013

With New Year’s arriving in less than a month, thousands of people will make the resolution to become healthier in 2014 – hundreds of this group will choose to stop smoking. Here’s guest blogger, Sean Mayes, with valuable information on the latest method to break the unhealthy habit of cigarette smoking.

Many people have discovered, if not a temporary alternative, hopefully at least a stepping stone, to eliminate their undesirable lung craving and crowd displeasing habit of smoking cigarettes. This solution comes in the form of the newly introduced E-cig.

No, this isn’t the previous solution of nicotine stuffed gum. Nor is it the other attempt to put a nicotine fix into a patch that’s supposed to help with withdrawal and cravings. It’s a long ways away from the new spit-less tobacco products that have popped up within the last several years. In fact, technologically speaking, this is the first replication of a functioning device that helps to simulate and ease the habits that have been conditioned since consumers’ first experiences with traditional tobacco consumption.

The feel of the new alternative is not unlike something that has been released before in this industry. Noticeable changes include the accessories that are available with the new products. Almost everything about the new devices can be changed to fit a person’s tastes or style. I believe this creates a new type of demand for the once overly stigmatized act of trying to obtain your nicotine fix. People, while suffering from their addiction, are now provided with choices they never had before. These include flavors, style of the actual E-cig, colors, pouches, nicotine concentration, and the ability to eliminate second-hand smoke.

Something I’ve also personally observed is that when people use these devices they are not committed to finishing that whole cigarette that they’ve started. If you do the math on what an individual cigarette would cost you, you may find that taking only a couple of puffs from the E-cig from time to time (as opposed to needing to get your monies worth from an analogue cigarette) could potentially save you big bucks. Not to mention the possible hospital bills that may show up as you travel down that long road to undesirable side effects.

One thing is certain, the health risks of first and second-hand smoke can’t be ignored and the rapid consumption of E-cig products shows that a good majority of America is not only in agreement that we need relief to our nation’s problem, but they are also actively seeking help or alternatives.

Currently, the E-cig is more economical, healthier, and appears more socially accepted than other types of tobacco products. A quick look at the tobacco industry shows years of distributed misinformation and money strategically placed behind previous political campaigns. I ask, how this is different?

The biggest benefit I can identify with is the massive reduction of second-hand smoke and the dwindling revenue of the previously apparently-invincible tobacco businesses. Nonsmokers have been suffering since the early days of cigarettes. With a quick search for “effects of second-hand smoke” it is easy to find there is no upside to being a second-hand smoker. It can cause death, diseases, asthma attacks, general discomfort, and has even been known to induce allergic reactions.

As a smoker, it is important to disclose that I have tried all available methods to discontinue my nasty habit. In my opinion, I can appreciate the genuine efforts and alternatives people put forth. I sincerely appreciate the new options emerging on the market and I hope one day to see a final solution. Until that time, I will continue reminding my non-smoking friends that I like both of my lungs. I like to be able to speak. I appreciate not having people be disgusted because of the way I smell.

While I don’t wish to push my ideals on anybody, a part of me wishes for a vote to restrict cigarettes even more to where maybe you actually have to go through the process of obtaining a state license to grow your own tobacco or even make mandatory doctor visits for health updates or the option of receiving help for cessation classes. In my opinion, we are definitely moving forward in the battle for health education and prevention. I wish that the youth of our nation could more openly observe the debilitating effects that long-term smoking produces. By that same token, I wish even more that our elders didn’t give our youth an opportunity to witness long term results of such activities.

It would be irresponsible of me to conclude this article without genuinely asking all participating, nicotine-ingesting parties to do thorough research on any new piece of technology that benefits the health industry. Please, please, please, do your due diligence and consider those around you when making your life changing decisions.

About the Author

Sean Mayes writes about smoking, the latest regulations, and life choices for theeciggy.com. On his free time he enjoys coffee and live music.

Have you tried the E-cigarette? Has it helped you stop smoking? Or does it simply ease your guilt from smoking traditional cigarettes? 

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