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The Hormone Diet Book Review

written by Head Health Nutter September 24, 2009

Feeling a bit off or even a lot off? it’s most likely your hormones! Everyone’s got them and they are fascinating, intricate chemicals that require balance or you’ll feel it. Dr. Natasha Turner demystifies hormones, how their imbalances affect our health and teaches us how to regain control of them in The Hormone Diet.

Warning! Before you read further, I feel that it’s my obligation to warn you that between the personable style in which The Hormone Diet is written AND my incredible Hormone Diet results, Dr. Turner has won me over! This may influence the following critique.

Why listen to the author? From her bio:

“Dr. Natasha Turner is one of Canada’s leading naturopathic doctors and natural health consultants. She is Clinic Director and Founder of Clear Medicine – a wellness boutique in Toronto. As an expert in nutrition and natural health, she is regularly featured in print and on television. [I saw her on Breakfast Television!] Her experience has contributed to the design and development of two commercial weight loss programs, which have helped to transform an abundance of lives. She also frequently lectures to both the public and health care providers on topics related to healthy hormonal balance.”

What does the book promise?

The book promises a “6 week health fix” and a “proven method for weight loss”. Dr. Turner has used her approach outlined in The Hormone Diet to “successfully treat thousands of patients with a broad spectrum of health goals.” She has helped people gain much-needed muscle, get healthier skin, cure headaches, improve sleep, ease digestive issues, gain more energy, improve fertility and/or sharpen memory.

Are there are questionable ideas or suggestions in the book?

Dr. Turner raises several interesting current debates in the health industry. In the book, she eloquently, logically and persuasively explains her choices and why they have been included in her program:

  1. Cardio kills. Of course, these are not the author’s words, they have been widely used to create hype around this health debate. Doc Turner suggests cardio is needed only once a week while weight training is optimal at 3 times a week for men AND women.
  2. Nutritional supplements are necessary. We’ve discussed this debate several times on Live Lighter (and I’m sure we’re not done). Dr. Turner is one health professional out of many who believe that nutritional supplementation is necessary.
  3. Detoxing. Yet another hot debate discussed here on Live Lighter. Doc. Turner’s program includes detoxing the body using an anti-inflammatory diet and herbs, detoxing our environment (especially our cupboards for `hormone hampering’ foods) and detoxing our hearts and minds through stress-reduction methods, like meditation.

The Hormone Diet is a holistic, natural program that “promotes healthily bodily function from head to toe, inside and out.” While written with a slant towards weight-loss, Dr. Turner makes it clear that one must be healthy to lose weight. Her program offers a complete wellness plan for long-term health and weight-loss results.

How topical is The Hormone Diet?DrTurner

In a world where degenerative (i.e. preventable) diseases take thousands of lives every day, where children are being diagnosed with `adult’ health issues (like obesity), The Hormone Diet shares important knowledge that can translate into a very real solution to our current state of health care.

We are less likely to go to our doctors with the signs of imbalance: fatigue, memory loss, low libido, poor concentration or difficulty managing weight. But ignoring these signs lead to more serious conditions, like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease. Everything you need to know to regain balance for a better life now and later, is in The Hormone Diet book.

Do I disagree with any part of The Hormone Diet?

Every overall idea about healthy, balanced living presented in The Hormone Diet has been reviewed and discussed at varying lengths here on Live Lighter. Dr. Turner and I are aligned with the health concepts included in her program.

The only aspect that I found irksome was that much of it (at least in the beginning) was written for those focusing on weight loss. However, this is completely understandable considering most people are far more concerned about the side-effects of ill-health: weight. It is these types of readers who are going to benefit the most from The Hormone Diet!

Why read the book and try the program? How is it different from others?

Although she promises results in 6 weeks, Dr. Turner’s program has the potential for life-long results and is a long-term solution to health and balance. Her first step is knowledge. With wisdom comes power and she empowers us through explaining the “interconnectedness of hormones, their wide ranging effects on the body and how hormones are influenced by outside factors”.

The book is filled with steps, tips and clear instructions in how to regain hormonal balance (and our lives) through food, supplementation and lifestyle. Through practical advice, we can easily co-ordinate the Doc’s suggestions into our stressful lives.

This is how Dr. Turner differentiates The Hormone Diet from other books in her field:

The innovative aspect is the way I suggest you undertake these steps, the science in which they are rooted and the effects they will have on your body. The intricacies and subtleties behind this wellness plan are vast. My approach doesn’t involve rushing towards an instant cure; it involves gentle preparation, a step-by-step approach and clever refinements. It makes The Hormone Diet perfectly suited to you and everyone you know, regardless of specific health goals.

Did Dr. Turner change my mind about anything?

As mentioned above, Doc Turner and I are on the same page. Including the fact that most 0% fat and low-fat food items are more harmful than helpful as manufacturers usually modify the foods or add fake sugar so they taste better. My general opinion is that natural and unaltered is always the better choice.

However, Dr. Turner has persuaded me to open my mind up to consider low-fat dairy products as a healthier option to full-fat versions. Low-fat dairy products maintain high levels of protein, calcium and other important vitamins and minerals while reducing levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.

I’m also more conscientious of eating before a workout involving weights. Doc. Turner suggests to do cardio on an empty stomach but that weight training requires energy to effectively complete a weight-training session. I give myself an hour to digest but now I make sure to eat a well-rounded meal approximately 2 hours before pumping iron.

New ideas or opinions formed after reading The Hormone Diet

  1. Dr. Turner, along with other professionals at about the same time, helped me understand why nutritional supplementation is necessary in today’s age.
  2. After completing the anti-inflammatory detox and reviewing how I felt, I now realize the havoc that inflammation plays on our health.
  3. The root cause of disease lies in being unbalanced. Hormones are a scientific way of measuring this imbalance and assessing our health as well as our health efforts.


The Hormone Diet is a book well-worth it’s weight in gold. I love it for all the reasons mentioned above but above all else, it’s Dr. Turner’s supportive, understanding and down-to-earth tone. Her style is easy to read which is quite the accomplishment considering the scientific detail and knowledge she shares. I’ve read this book twice and I’m tempted to attach it to my hip as a reference guide!  🙂

Here are a few book inclusions that may have you scrambling for your wallet:

  • A hormonal health profile and instructions for a well-rounded health assessment
  • Tons of yummy, healthy and versatile recipes (plus extras by request!)
  • Full-body strength training exercise program, complete with pictures at the back of the book (and she provides a beginner’s routine on her website!)
  • List of supplements, what they do and when you should take them
  • A detox shopping list
  • A reintroduction plan for after the anti-inflammatory detox is finished so that you can discover food sensitivities
  • Sample menu plan for 1 week
  • Example of a hormonally balanced day

Have you tried The Hormone Diet or read the book? Please share your opinions in the comments below!

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