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“The Energy Cure” Book Review

written by Head Health Nutter January 28, 2011

How would you like to hear real scientific evidence that all of us have healing powers? What about research revealing the possibility of a preventative cancer vaccine? All wrapped up in a fascinating, easy-to-read story, you can find all of this and more in The Energy Cure!

Rarely do I come across a book that excites me more than Dr. William Bengston‘s The Energy Cure: Unraveling the mystery of Hands-On Healing (I typically read 2-4 books a month). It’s about the life and work of a real hands-on healer, sociology professor and scientist who’s been studying energy healing in both the real-world and the lab.

(We met Dr. Bengston in a video I shared with you over a month ago in Meet Bill Bengston: Hands-On Healer & Researcher.)

From the book’s Introduction:

Over the past thirty-five years I have successfully treated many types of cancer – bone, pancreatic, breast, brain, rectal, lymphatic, stomach, leukemia – as well as other diseases, all using a hands-on technique that is painless, noninvasive, and has no unpleasant side-effects. To my knowledge, no person I have healed ever experienced a recurrence.

The effectiveness of this treatment has now been proven in ten controlled animal-experiments, conducted in five university medical and biological laboratories by trained, skeptical researchers. Though my initial response to the validity of hands-on healing was one of incredulity, the accumulation of replicable scientific data has overwhelmed my own disbelief. I have become a failed skeptic.

A tale intricately told by a brilliant ghost-writer, Sylvia Fraser, this is a biography of a man and his destiny to provide credibility for ancient medicine using modern methods. It spans 40 years of his life with his experience with and studies in the paranormal and hands-on healing.

Decide to read it and prepare to embark on an emotional roller-coaster of mind-boggling proportions as he recounts his adventures, triumphs and disappointments.

Synopsis of The Energy Cure

We learn how Dr. Bengston was first introduced to the world of energy healing, then how he becomes an unwilling, active participant. As with all stories in healing, there are tragedies amidst the happy endings. Through his anecdotes of healing, we also glimpse into the human psyche concerning the benefits of staying ill and the fear that comes with witnessing something so amazing, so powerful, so inexplicable that we call them miracles.

We follow his obsession with understanding psychic abilities and energy healing through rigorous scientific study, and delve deep into our imaginations of a bright future when considering the implications of his results. And finally, it’s a testament to the stubborn resistance of the medical and scientific communities to open their minds to something the research indicates is real, albeit other-worldly.

What Impressed Me Most (And How He Changed My Mind)

Besides how the story is presented in an incredible read, there are several aspects of Dr. Bengston’s attitude, approach, discoveries and personal theories about energy healing (based on his personal experience) that not only impressed me but surprised me.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Dr. Bengston calls this “faithless healing” and admits it works faster (all things being equal) the less people, both patient and healer, believe in it. He asks us to remain curious yet skeptical, and reminds us of the true definition of skepticism, “someone who doubts everything, including his own skepticism.”
  2. Energy healing is a natural process. Unlike many who tap into the spiritual realm to affect this world, Dr. Bengston says when the healer tries to heal (for instance, actively visualizing the healing), the less effective it is. In his method, the healer’s job is to distract the ego and mind to allow this natural process to begin.
  3. His studies suggest patients (humans and mice) become immune to their ailments once healing is complete. He’s even got results indicating it’s possible that a preventative cancer vaccine can be created!
  4. This method can be taught to anyone who wants to learn it and we all have the potential to be vehicles for healing. It also has benefits for the healer, such as reducing stress, physiological changes promising greater longevity and manifesting personal desires.
  5. Even though there are a few illnesses, diseases and instances where Dr. Bengston cannot heal, he concedes these may be his own self-limiting beliefs interfering with the process.
  6. This healing energy can be transferred and held in both water and cotton. He’s healed mice with cancer via `charged’ water and humans with `charged’ cotton.

And these are just the highlights! There’s just so much more to this book – but you must find out for yourself.

Unfortunately, Dr. Bengston’s research has conceived more questions than answers. He hopes to continue his research (with funding since it’s only been a part-time endeavour so far) and unravel the mystery of hands-on healing. He’d like to produce enough evidence for the scientific community to finally acknowledge its validity.

Part memoir, part instruction (yes, he explains his method for us), The Energy Cure has the capacity to change the lives of individuals, shift paradigms within communities and alter the course of humanity.

Can you imagination leagues of honest-to-goodness hands-on healers across the world? This is the idea behind the 6-CD training course where Dr. Bengston teaches his technique and makes certain to cover ethical issues and guidelines. Stay tuned for my upcoming review!

Important note: Dr. Bengston recognizes there are a few issues with energy healing, one of which is determining who’s qualified to practice. He’d like to develop a series of tests in order to “show `something’ relevant is happening when healing is supposed to be occurring.”

Disclaimer: The Energy Cure was sent to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review to share with you, Live Lighter readers.

Purchase the book

For Americans, here’s the Amazon.com link: The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing. For Canadians, the book is under a different title (this is the Amazon.ca link): Chasing the Cure: An Effective Alternative for Treating Cancer and Other Diseases.

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Steph (a.k.a. Head Health Nutter) February 3, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Here’s a cool addition to this review post…

I sent the review to Steve O’Keefe, the publicist who contacted me regarding the review. He’s unable to comment himself on the post because of a conflict of interest but gave me permission to share his email comments with you:

“Thank you for the extraordinary review — so detailed and favorable! It is amazing to think we likely all have this creative power to heal, but no one believes it. A few years ago, researchers at Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. did a study to find out what caused patients to get better as opposed to getting worse. They put smart badges on all the nurses, doctors, patients, staff and visitors in a hospital, and recorded the duration and closeness of interactions with patients.

The conclusion of their study was (don’t laugh): the more attention patients got, the faster they healed. Big surprise, right? Well, the big surprise was, it didn’t matter who the patients got attention from — doctors or janitors, nurses or visitors. Improvement correlated simply with interaction, not care. This didn’t make much sense to me until I read Bengston’s book. Now I suspect we are all capable healing — we are all, in fact, healers — we just don’t know it or believe it. Your review will help make believers out of many healers.”

And here was my response:

Yes, I agree this is an important “fact” to promote to the masses. When people start believing in themselves and their own personal power to heal, there will be fewer `victims’ in the world and more empowered people taking care of themselves and helping others accept this truth.

Wow, it’d be one trippy world, wouldn’t it?


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