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The Dangers of Cleanse and Detox Diets

written by Guest Blogger September 18, 2012

The first day of fall is this Saturday, and the temperature (as with spring) allows the perfect conditions for cleansing and detoxing. But before you choose a specific diet, first consider today`s guest post by Wesley Reacher, blogger for Weightnot.com. 

When you’re stranded on a desert island, the first things you are advised to secure for yourself are food, water and shelter. Cleanse and detox crash diets recommend that you deprive yourself of food for a time, so why would you voluntarily deprive yourself of such a basic necessity? Many people do, every day.

Your body loves food. That’s what gets many of us into trouble in the first place, but the answer doesn’t lie in removing food from the equation. It goes without saying that we need it to survive. Cleanse or detox diets seem to have perennial popularity. Like a bad penny, they keep coming back. The best thing you can do to keep your weight loss goals intact is to stay away from the detox craze.

Many people are attracted to detox diets because they think that the diet will help them remove harmful toxins that have built up in their digestive systems. The fact of the matter is that we have several organs dedicated to eliminating toxins from our bodies 24 hours a day. The toxins are eliminated in our stool, urine, and skin secretions, regardless of whether or not you’re on a detox diet. Your body is always detoxing. We wouldn’t live very long if it wasn’t.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then the best way isn’t to deprive your body of valuable nutrients. By fasting on a crash diet, you may lose some water weight quickly, even some solid pounds, but it will mostly be from lean body mass like muscle tissue.

Starving yourself by only consuming concoctions of water, lemon juice, syrup, and cayenne pepper actually slows down your metabolism significantly. Your body wants to hold on to fat for survival when it “thinks” that the food supply has run out, so going without food is the best way to train your cells to hold on to fat. Not the best way to shed pounds of fat off your frame.

If you really want to shed pounds quickly, the best way isn’t to starve your body, it’s to actually feed it more. If you eat 5-8 small meals a day, you are sending your body signals that there is plenty of food available as well as jump-starting your metabolism. If your body “thinks” that there is plenty of food available, it is less likely to hold on to fat cells, thus helping you shed those unwanted pounds quickly. Not only can you shed bad fat quickly by eating more, you also are more likely to keep it off permanently.

The answer isn’t necessarily starving your body, but feeding it less junk. If you eat a clean, healthy meal every two to three hours, then you can not only give your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs to survive, but shed the pounds of fat that you don’t need. If you must insist on following a cleanse diet for any amount of time, just make sure that if you get stranded on a desert island that you at least secure a food source for when your cleanse is over.

About the Author

Wesley Reacher has a B.S. in Kinesiology with a Minor in Sports Medicine. When he’s not gunning his lats at the gym or sinking birdies on the frisbee golf course, he’s blogging for Weightnot.com, a great resource for healthy weight loss.

For more ideas and opinions on this subject, check out The Great Detox Debate! What are your thoughts? Do you detox and cleanse on a regular basis, and if you do, do you follow a specific diet? 

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