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The Benefits of Revisiting Your Roots

written by Head Health Nutter August 4, 2009

This past long weekend I took the opportunity to make a trip up North to visit my Mom in my hometown of Renfrew. It was fantastic, like always. On the return trip home to Toronto, I revelled in these splendid feelings and pondered why I felt this way.

Although your circumstances may be different, here are a few possible benefits of revisiting your roots:

  1. Support the community. Mom and I had a blast shopping. We picked up food for our weekend feasts, gifts for friends and family and even went on a mini-shopping spree at a clothing and accessories store just opened by my Mom’s new client (Mom is a part-time accountant extraordinaire!). This store owner in particular was extremely surprised and appreciative of my business. But how could I not splurge? She priced her merchandise according to the town’s economy and compared to what I spend in the city, they were unbeatable deals – so we both won!
  2. Get reacquainted with old friends. Returning to the home roost after a long day of shopping, there was a note in the door. An old friend (of 28 years) happened to also be in town visiting her parents for a night before she and her family headed to a nearby cottage they’re renting for a week. She saw my car in my Mom’s driveway and scribbled a note asking me to call her cell. They invited us for a visit and Mom and I jumped at the opportunity to see her, her husband and 11 month old baby. 
  3. Bonding with friends & family. Visiting was the main verb of the weekend and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. People are what makes our lives full. Eating is what makes our bellies full. Put those two together and you have the Sunday BBQ dinner that I enjoyed with Mom, our mutual friend and her hubby! Spending time with loved ones who no longer live conveniently close by helped create a relaxing, titillating and extremely satisfying long weekend.
  4. Family support. It felt really good to be able to help out an aunt of mine who lost almost everything she owned in a fire 6 months ago. Mom and I visited her in her new digs and after finding out what she still needed to make her new apartment a home, we came back the next day bearing gifts. The appreciation in her eyes, words and hugs melted my heart. My currently positive state also allowed me to tactfully approach another family member who needed intervention, emotional support and guidance.
  5. Reminiscing. Focusing on the Now and preparing for the future with goal-setting are integral for health and wellness. But remembering where you came from and the good ol’ days is also necessary for complete balance. Plus, laughing so hard is a highly effective ab workout!
  6. Get a fresh perspective on the Now. People from your past remember you as you used to be. Seeing them and their reaction allows you to take stock of where you are now compared to when they knew you. I’m grateful to report that every time I return to my hometown, I receive an enormous self- esteem boost. People who haven’t seen me since high school (and even those who just saw me within the year) cannot believe how much I’ve changed. Their positive reactions remind me of how much I’ve taken control of my life and blossomed over the past 10 years.

Although this post is especially personal and may be inapplicable to everyone, hopefully you can relate to at least one of the points mentioned.

Now it’s your turn. Can you think of other benefits to revisiting your roots?

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