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The Bellyminator Product Review

written by Head Health Nutter August 25, 2011

How would you like to work your abs and improve your posture without ever having to go to the gym? Even though I strongly believe a regular, holistic exercise routine is an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle, the Bellyminator might just be a product worth considering – especially when you’re starting out!

Alright, to be honest when I first checked the Bellyminator out on the website, the cheesy marketing turned me off. But as I continued my investigation and read the FAQs, I realized they just might have something here.

It’s non-invasive, for one. Two, the developers have designed it to train the mind (which is aligned with Live Lighter’s philosophy) to tighten your core muscles, strengthening and developing them so eventually you won’t have to use the Bellyminator for perfect posture!

What Is the Bellyminator & What Does It Do?

The Bellyminator is an adjustable belt with a plastic-toothed pad that releases to give you a gentle reminder whenever you forget and you loosen your posture/belly. It also comes with a “level 2” plastic pad with even longer teeth that you replace with the level 1 pad when you’re ready to move onto the next level of improving your posture.

Here’s how the product developer explained it to me:

Bellyminator is designed to help people get rid of their “excess profile” by packing it back into where it came out from by creating a cage of muscles and enforcing them with memory to stay toned and flexed, even when the Bellyminator is not worn. It is just the way the back muscles work. All these muscles are expected and supposed to work in unison to achieve that.

My Bellyminator Experience

I’ve been trying out the Bellyminator off and on for a couple of weeks now. It’s been a bit challenging finding the right spot on my waist – the few times I thought I got it right, either the belt was too tight and caused discomfort, or the clip wouldn’t release, even if I pushed my belly out.

I have a small waist and spoke with one of the developers about this, thinking that maybe this was the reason why I was having so much trouble. I was also placing it low on my waist as my intention was to focus on my lower abs (the part that I feel needs the most work).

Here’s how the developer replied:

Bellyminator does not separate abs by upper or lower section. It operates by engaging all core muscle groups at the same time. Therefore, you need to find your universal (sweet) spot (mine is in the little dip right above the liver below rib cage). It supposed to discharge at even mildest tensions applied, yet you’re not supposed to have it too tight around your target area to allow yourself some “operational comfort”. Honestly speaking, it takes some time to get used to.

So the Bellyminator is very personal and individualistic. It takes some time for users to adjust the device to our own specifics. I’m going to keep trying (I actually had it on for about 30 minutes before writing this review) and not only because I’m dedicated to trying different approaches to make things work for me, I had an interesting and exciting experience with the Bellyminator last week!

Bellyminator Can Improve the Effectiveness of Activities

I went cycling with my Bellyminator and must have found my sweet spot because it was incredible! It helped me maintain proper posture while riding my bike so that I was using the appropriate muscles to do the activity. I’m positive the bike ride was more effective because of the Bellyminator’s reminder every time I forgot about my posture.

Although the Bellyminator has an adjustment time and takes a little commitment on the user’s behalf, I feel that this product has the potential to help both beginners and those who are already active improve their posture in a natural way. And hey, it’s only $20 so what do you have to lose in trying it out? (They’re even offering to pay for shipping right now since it’s a new product on the market!)

What are your initial thoughts on the Bellyminator? (By the way, you can check out the Bellyminator Facebook page!)

Disclaimer: I received the Bellyminator in exchange for an honest review.

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Grace Cherian August 29, 2011 at 11:16 am

Steph, what an intriguing article. Decades ago, I met some kind of a guru who taught yoga. Anyway in one class, he suggested we tie a string around our waist. This string would always remind us to pull in our abdominal muscles. Over time our mind takes over automatically, and our abdominal muscles stay taut. The Bellyminator seems to work on the same principle!

Head Health Nutter August 29, 2011 at 11:48 pm

Cool story, Grace! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if the Bellyminator product developers got their idea from this yogi… 😉


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