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The Anti-Aging Fruit: Goji Berries

written by Head Health Nutter June 1, 2010

Want to feel younger and more vibrant? No pill or fountain of youth can do better than nature! While all fruits and veggies can be considered “anti-aging,” here’s an article on the wonder fruit of the East: Goji Berries.

Goji (pronounced go-gee) berries are harvested in China, Mongolia and the Himalayas in Tibet. They are legendary for their nutritional value and have been used by herbalists for 6,000 years to protect and strengthen the body. (source: About.com)

Goji berries (also called wolfberries) are often quoted as “the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.” Probably because they contain 18 different amino acids (more than bee pollen) (all 8 essential amino acids), up to 21 trace minerals and more carotenoids (even more beta carotene than carrots) than any other food.

These little dried-up fruits (as we get them here in the West), contain 500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges, making them second only to camu camu berries as the richest vitamin C source on earth. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E.

Goji berries strengthen the immune system and slow the aging process through an abundant source of polysaccharides.

Other complex compounds found in these magnificent berries are:

  • Betaine: used by the liver to produce choline, a compound that calms nervousness, enhances memory, promotes muscle growth, and protects against fatty liver disease.
  • Physalin: active against all types of leukemia. It’s also been used to treat for hepatitis B.
  • Solavetivone: a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound.
  • Beta-Sitosterol: an anti-inflammatory agent which has been used to treat sexual impotence and prostate enlargement. It also lowers cholesterol.
  • Cyperone: a sesquiterpene that benefits the heart and blood pressure. It has also been used in the treatment of cervical cancer.

If you’ve never tried a dried goji berry before, they are a cross between raisins and cherries. They are more bitter than sweet but taste scrumptious in a homemade granola bar! Stay tuned for a later post where I share my Anti-Aging Goji Berry Granola Bar recipe…

How do you like to eat your Goji berries? Please share your recipes in the comments below.

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