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The 2010 TV Detox: 1st Friday Check-In

written by Head Health Nutter January 8, 2010

We’re a week into the 2010 TV Detox now. How are you doing? Is it a cake walk or are you experiencing withdrawal? It’s Friday; time to evaluate our efforts and get ready for week 2!

Evaluating Your TV Detox

  1. Look at the walls or potholes you encountered this past week. Did you struggle or falter? How did you react to the situation? Was it emotional or thoughtful? Will you react the same way if it happens again or will you try a different response? Did you discover a trigger?
  2. Acknowledge your successes! What did you do this week that you can feel good about? Own that. If you’re having trouble recalling any successes throughout the week, answer these questions:
  • How much TV did you detox?
  • Did you have fun doing one of your alternate activities?
  • If you went over your detox limits, did you relish that TV time or learn something new?

We’d love to hear about your challenges and successes this week. Did you overcome your challenges? If so, please share your tips with us. It may help others experiencing the same thing!

If you’re wondering how I did this week, I shared my roadblock, several ways in how I handled it and my successes in this 1:23 min video (see above).

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may see a white box rather than the video. I’m looking into how to fix this but for now, please access the video directly from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN6VVXQrgCwc.

Special thanks goes to Emmanuel Lopez – Motivatorman for contributing his video production and musical skills for this video! Please visit http://motivatorman.com/ to learn more about Emmanuel’s varied talents as an award-winning illustrator, motivational specialist and social media consultant.

For all of you readers out there:

Hello! It’s Steph Miller, again, Head Health Nutter here on Live Lighter, a blog for people looking to lose weight naturally and permanently.

To update all the new viewers, January 1st marked the beginning of our new year’s resolution alternative, The 2010 TV Detox. Those of us taking this month-long challenge are replacing some or all of our TV time with other personally meaningful activities.

This is our first Friday check-in where we share our challenges and successes.

I’ll kick it off:

If you live with someone, you might relate to my greatest challenge this week: wanting to watch TV with loved ones. If TV has become habitual “quality” time for you and your spouse, kids or friends, then this may hinder your efforts this month.

There are several ways you can combat this lure:

1.    See if your loved ones would be open to doing something else, like putting together a puzzle or going for a walk.
2.    Go ahead and sit with them but while they watch TV, do one of your other activities.

As for my successes, I’ve watched 2 and a half hours of TV this week so far and according to my detox limits, I’m still able to watch another hour of TV and 2 movies (if I want) this weekend!

So, TV Detoxers, what were your challenges and successes this week? Leave a comment so we can support one another!

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the flip side!

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman January 11, 2010 at 9:49 am

Hi Steph,

Here’s my update for my TV Detox so far:

1. Look at the walls or potholes you encountered this past week.

I found that when I channel surf I get caught in a wave (pun!) of needing to go through whole list of channels just to see if something will catch my eye. Definitely a type of process addiction which I break when I just turn TV off!

2. Acknowledge your successes!

Well my success is when I can turn TV off and feel the air clear of any TV radiation!


Head Health Nutter January 12, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Thank for sharing your TV detox progress with us, Emmanuel. And you’ve done a great job, so far!

I like your motto: Turn it off! Kinda like Nike for TV addicts. 🙂

Steph @ Live Lighter.org


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