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Testosterone & Women

written by Guest Blogger July 23, 2015

Is the testosterone hormone important for women? In what ways? When does our body stop producing it and, if it`s so important, how do we increase lowered levels? All these questions are answered in today`s guest post by Kate Flannery!  

If you thought testosterone is a male-exclusive trademark, think again. Testosterone is a hormone produced within the adrenal glands and ovaries of the fairer sex as well. While it stands that interest in sex is way more complex with women than merely counting the daily testosterone levels, and androgen hormones are more directly linked to sex drive in men than in women, this hormone is of great significance in the years of menopause.

Though FDA-approved testosterone therapy supplements contain overly high levels for women, a great concern has recently been raised as to why the female part of our population isn’t legally allowed to benefit from these treatments. After all, the latest scientific discoveries have made it obvious that not only can menopausal women benefit from testosterone therapy, but there is also a certain degree of necessity for an update on this issue.

The Benefits

Peaking during our teenage years and gradually dropping from that point on for both sexes, testosterone plays a key part not only in maintaining a regular sex drive, but also in keeping things like abdominal obesity and muscle mass deficiency at bay. Furthermore, low levels of testosterone are directly related to numerous ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, heart attacks and depression.

The Misconceptions

All of the medical world’s attention seems to be dedicated to the infamous thyroid gland in aging women, putting the issue of low testosterone levels at the bottom of the priority chart. Indeed, the issue is all but completely ignored. Testosterone levels produced by menopausal ovaries are pretty low. Almost every case of a menopausal woman experiencing a lower sex drive is directly related to the deficiency of the hormone in question – not due to stress or domestic issues.

The more extreme version of the low testosterone story starts with having your ovaries removed for whatever reason. Removal takes away even the barely there amounts that you could rely on if you had your ovaries. Of course, keeping a problematic ovary for the simple reason of a higher sex drive or an energy boost is a little ludicrous, and removal is an oft taken step, one that has its consequences.

On the other hand, men find the whole issue very hard to comprehend, and in a male-dominated industry, it is no wonder testosterone studies are left out.


The benefits of testosterone boosters for women hitting their prime are more far-reaching than just libido control. They can work wonders for physical problems you might’ve thought were related to a vast number of other ailments. Testosterone keeps estrogen balanced out, limiting psychological trauma inflicted upon women going through menopause. And even before menopause, a boost in testosterone provides the body with a long-lasting energy rush, healthier skin, and regular menstrual cycles, to begin with.

In addition to all these perks, testosterone increases muscle mass, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it will get you bulky – quite the contrary, it could help you reach a lean, tight, athletic body much faster than you would the natural way. Keep in mind that women bulk up differently than men, and after all, getting buff is far from the worst thing that could happen to your feminine body.

If not, you may opt for a more natural way to stimulate your body into producing testosterone by, to put it simply, staying away from fish, and digging into broccoli. There is a long list of testosterone boosting food, as well as estrogen boosting food.

Boiling It Down

So there you have it – now that you’re well informed about the value of testosterone in a woman’s body, and free of the popular misconceptions, feel free to get in touch with your doctor and discuss whether a slight boost in testosterone is something you could benefit from. Whether you opt for supplements or take it easy and natural, always keep your hormones in check for a body that ticks like clockwork.

About the Author

This article was written by Kate Flannery, a sailor from Perth who takes a keen interest in clean eating and regular workouts. She suffers from all the drawbacks of a lack of pigmentation, including an inclination to sunburns, inflammations, bruising and swelling, especially in the gym. Kate prevents unnecessary injuries and bruising with the help of dosed testosterone supplements. She balances them out with weekend brunches from the Farmers’ Market.

Will you be asking your doc about testosterone therapy after reading today`s guest article?

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