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Taking the First Steps in Weight Loss

written by Guest Blogger December 27, 2013

Bring on the New Year’s Resolutions! Especially with the help from today’s guest blogger, Andi Singer. This is a fantastic article that will help you prepare for any health and fitness changes you wish to make in 2014.

The beginning of the weight loss process can seem intimidating. Chances are you already feel uncomfortable in your body, and losing weight can feel like you are opening yourself up to judgment. The first few steps of the process are vital to your success, and there are plenty of measures you can take to ensure that you are prepared.


Keep in Mind– You are Amazing!

It is important to learn to accept yourself and your body the way it is. If you begin your journey with a negative attitude you may lose 50 lbs and still feel dissatisfied with the way you look. What’s important is that you are aware of your body, and that you embrace all of the positive things about it.

Being overweight doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great body shape, great legs, or beautiful, muscular arms. Think of weight loss like how you think about makeup: it doesn’t fundamentally change anything about your body, it simply highlights your greatest assets.

Losing weight will have an impact in many facets of your life, but keep in mind that it is not a solution to all of your problems. It can be a gateway to higher confidence, improved body image, better health, and becoming more social, but you have to take a holistic approach and work on all of these things individually as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Diet Plans Like Weight Watchers or HMR

No one knows exactly how to start the weight loss process. Calculating your basal metabolic rate, your resting metabolic rate, estimating how many calories you burn while working out, and learning about the density of macro-nutrients in food can seem impossible at first.

Finding a no-judgment support program is a good solution for some people. With programs like HMR and Weight Watchers, you are a part of a community trying to lose weight. These diets simply help you learn how to maintain a lower-calorie, balanced diet instead of cutting out entire food groups like most fad diets.

These plans also teach you how to eat foods that will properly fuel your body and will increase your awareness of what you are eating. If you normally eat at restaurants for lunch and dinner, you will learn how to make healthy, quick recipes through these programs. With the HMR diet you will also include nutritional shakes and snacks in the beginning, which will help you ease into this new lifestyle.

Build a Support System to Help Hold You Accountable

Programs like Weight Watchers and HMR have built-in support from professionals and others involved in the program, but there are plenty of other ways to find support as well.

Friends and family can be a wonderful source of motivation and support. Tell your loved ones what your goals are, and why you have chosen to achieve these goals. Including friends and family in the weight loss process may also inspire them to take responsibility for their own health.

Some people do not have the support of friends or family, or they feel that they will be judged, but there are other resources for support. Spark People is one of many communities online which provide nutritional advice, articles and success stories, and personal blogs and tracking tools.

Embracing what you already have and finding people to support your journey will help you succeed in losing weight. Seeking the help of a professional can help, but there are plenty of resources online as well to help you make small changes in your life to improve your health.

About the Author

Andi Singer is a health nut and blogger for www.ihmonline.com. She lost a total of 60lbs and has maintained her weight for the past 3 years.

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