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Taking Care of Your Health Going into Fall and Winter

written by Guest Blogger October 13, 2012

Our Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday and, thankfully, I managed to avoid over-doing it. Yay! But now that the holiday season has started, I’m a little anxious – I’m already dealing with some extra weight. So I’m happy that today’s guest blogger, Leslie Johnson, decided to share with us 3 awesome tips for staying healthy in the colder months!

The air is finally getting chillier. Department stores are already selling warm jackets. Grocery stores are slowly shipping in pumpkins and winter squashes. Indeed, the much-anticipated fall and winter holidays are quickly approaching, and people around the world are preparing for all the exciting festivities.

In my household, fall and winter are the two most exciting seasons of the year. In addition to the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, many people also look forward to beloved fall and winter foods. I personally love my mother’s pumpkin pie cheesecake and butternut squash ravioli.

As I’m sure you already know, however, fall and winter are not always the healthiest seasons to endure. With everything from caloric-filled dishes, lack of exercise and bouts of fall/winter blues, people can easily pack on pounds and let their health slowly deteriorate throughout the fall and winter.

If you’re looking to keep things healthy this fall and winter, try utilizing these three helpful health tips:

Limit Yourself to One Dessert a Week

Desserts are delicious; sure, everybody knows that. The problem with desserts, however, is that they are usually packed full of sugar, carbs, fat and calories. Eat one too many of these sweet concoctions and your pants won’t forgive you for the gesture. A great way to keep your health in check during the holiday season is to limit yourself to one dessert a week (that includes candy as well).

One way to stick to this intention is to plan your dessert splurge days in advance. If you decide you want to eat more than one dessert though, try preparing light dessert creations. Tools like Pinterest, Weight Watchers and Allrecipes.com are a great way to track down healthier dessert recipes to make.

Utilize Exercise DVDs

When it’s cold outside, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to venture outside and exercise. I know firsthand how hard it can be to force yourself to go to the gym when all you want to do is stay in bed, watch holiday movies and eat fatty food.

While initially skipping your workouts may feel relaxing, your body probably won’t forgive you for such habitual laziness. It’s not always easy to get to the gym during fall and winter, so one thing I like to do is stock up on a few exercise DVDs I can put on when I’m absolutely not in the mood to go to the gym. The DVD workouts are usually short and easy to follow, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to keep up.

Weigh Yourself Every Day

A scale doesn’t have to be your worst enemy. If you treat it right, in fact, a scale can be your greatest weight ally. For years, I’ve used my scale to keep my weight under control and the gesture has definitely paid off. I’ve been able to maintain my weight for over ten years. Had I not weighed myself on a regular basis, I fear I might have let my weight get away from me.

I don’t normally weight myself every day, but during fall and winter, I go ahead and step on the scale every morning. Why? Well, inevitably you’re going to be eating more high-calorie foods, so it’s best to know how those foods are affecting your waistline right away. Let’s say you step on the scale one morning to discover you’re gained a pound or two; don’t panic just yet.

Remember, you’ve caught the weight gain early, so you’ll be able to take care of it quickly. Imagine if you had waited until after the holiday to weigh yourself. You might have gained even more weight, which is infinitely more difficult to tackle.

Fall and winter don’t have to be the unhealthiest seasons of year. As long as you keep your health in check with light desserts, minimal splurges, daily weigh-ins and indoor exercises, you’ll be able to keep the pounds from creeping on.

About the Author

Leslie Johnson is an avid health and nutrition blogger on mastersinhealthcare.com. As a mother, she is particularly passionate about teaching children about nutrition, health, body image and exercise. She also counsels adults on nutrition as well. If you have any questions for Leslie, feel free to leave them here.

Adding to Leslie’s tips, I personally take vitamin D3 to help avoid the winter blues. I also like to go out for brisk walks to rev up my internal core temperature and enjoy some fresh, crisp air in the colder months. Do you have any tips to share with us in how you stay healthy in fall and winter? 

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