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Swine Flu Truths Revealed

written by Head Health Nutter November 6, 2009

Government health officials and mainstream media are telling us that we need to get vaccinated against H1N1. Should we trust them on blind faith?

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccination Information Center, there’s very good reason for us to question their insistence.

Please note: both Dr. Mercola and Ms. Fisher are not anti-vaccine, they are pro-public education.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You need to empower yourself with information, believe that you can understand it, talk to one or more trusted health care professionals before you make your decision about vaccination; but most of all, have the confidence and believe you have the right, the responsibility and the ability to look at this issue, become informed and make wise health care choices for yourself and your children.” Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder of the National Vaccination Information Center.

The following information (brought to my attention by loyal and concerned reader, Dee)  is a summary of important points brought up in a series of interviews between Mercola and Fisher.

They present facts about swine flu, seasonal flu and vaccinations that mainstream media and government health officials have chosen not to share with the public:

The Truth About the Swine Flu Virus

  1. H1N1 is NOT causing excessive mortality. The CDC estimates 36,000 flu-related American deaths each year. So far, H1N1 has caused 1000 deaths in the United States.
  2. Compare this number also to the 200,000 preventable hospital deaths every year (in the U.S.) due to hospital infections and medical errors.
  3. Swine Flu virus appears to be less virulent than some of the influenza strains in the past and, comparing the above numbers, no more lethal than the usual strains every year.
  4. The CDC stopped confirming cases on August 30th and are assuming the 400 deaths with flu-like symptoms since then were caused by the H1N1 virus. Unsubstantiated claims!
  5. Those born before 1950 seem to have virtual immunity to  H1N1 because they were exposed to a similar strain and built antibodies effective against the current strain.
  6. Most of the people who have `apparently’ died of H1N1 also had secondary infections (like bacterial) which may have been the main cause of death.
  7. Among the H1N1-related deaths, health officials have not shared with us how many of those had pre-existing health conditions and if they were already vaccinated.
  8. A CBS investigative report about the overestimation of swine flu cases was buried. Their independent study of 4 states revealed that 83% – 97% of swine flu cases tested negative for the virus.
  9. Only a small proportion of persons with respiratory illness are actually tested and confirmed for H1N1 virus.
  10. It is estimated that 92% of infants who have died with H1N1 had some type of neural developmental problem and were predisposed to illness.
  11. An unpublished Canadian study found that children who had previous seasonal flu vaccinations were more susceptible to the swine flu and complications from it.
  12. There are simple, natural and healthy ways to increase your resilience to swine flu.

The Truth About the Swine Flu Vaccination

  1. The U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, in a 60 Minutes interview, was asked repeatedly about the safety of the H1N1 vaccination. He answered that the H1N1 vaccine is made the same way as the flu vaccine. At the same time, government officials say the H1N1 virus is completely different than the flu virus so we should be alarmed and concerned. Huh?
  2. Government health officials are assuming the negative health outcomes after vaccinations are not due to the vaccination itself.
  3. Mercola suspects that the President declared a national emergency because the majority of Americans said in polls that they were not going to get the H1N1 vaccination.

The Truth About Seasonal Influenza

  1. Childhood exposure to viruses are needed to build a robust immune system for immunity against future infections.
  2. Only a small proportion of persons with respiratory illness are actually tested and confirmed for influenza.
  3. It’s estimated that only 20% of flu-like cases are actually due to seasonal influenza (the strains they vaccinate for). All others are caused by other viruses and bacteria.
  4. The CDC reports 36,000 deaths annually from seasonal influenza but they assume that the flu-like symptoms are actually influenza! It’s suspected that only 1,000 of these cases are caused by the flu, while most are in fact caused by pneumonia.swine-flu-poster-colored
  5. By leading a healthy lifestyle, you increase your immunity to seasonal influenza and other infectious diseases while at the same time preventing many preventable, degenerative diseases.

The Truth About Vaccinations in General

  1. Federal health officials do not know what they are doing because there is a severe lack of scientific knowledge. They are guessing and assuming (and probably hoping!).
  2. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest lobby on Capitol Hill.
  3. There’s speculation that there are conflicts of interest (that is, pharmaceutical company funding) with the committees who regulate and make policies for vaccinations.
  4. Vaccinations provide a temporary immunity at best, if at all.
  5. Every vaccination carries a risk of injury (such as severe neurological damage) and death. They are toxic, carrying many disease-causing fillers and preservatives (like mercury) and can cause complications and side-effects in some people.
  6. Vaccinations also contain foreign proteins and DNA of other organisms. It is still unclear as to the health impacts of injecting these into our bodies.
  7. There is evidence to suggest that some vaccinated children develop chronic disease and disability.
  8. One vaccine manufacturer tested immune response and safety of it’s vaccine on only 31 infants, between 6 and 26 months, before declaring it safe for all children over the  age of 6 months.
  9. Legislation was passed in 2001 that completely protects vaccine manufacturers and doctors who administer vaccines against all law suits.
  10. In the United States, the vaccine injury compensation plan is currently unfunded.
  11. Vaccinations change the way the population experiences the disease, which in turn affects how the population experiences other diseases (lowered immunity!).
  12. Taking Tylenol may interfere with the body’s immune system antibody response, rendering vaccines less effective, lowering natural immunity and increasing susceptibility to other infections.
  13. Dr. Mercola suggests that deaths caused by infection may have predisposing risk factors primarily related to previous vaccinations by weakening the immune system.
  14. There is an absence of scientific data about the long-term health impact on the immune system when more than one vaccine is administered.

The conclusion here is that we must demand transparency by our government health officials about the true nature of H1N1, seasonal influenza and vaccinations. They need to prove to us that this is a pandemic, because this would truly warrant a vaccination.

They also need to publish the risks and complications of both infectious diseases and of  their vaccinations for our discussion and evaluation so that we can make informed decisions. If they won’t, then it’s up to us to get the information ourselves. Please start with the links provided below.

What do you think about all this? It’s a hot topic so let’s get the conversation going!


Other useful sources for H1N1 information:

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Lynda November 6, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Great post! Thank you so much for putting these facts together in such a concise manner. It is very helpful!


Dee November 7, 2009 at 1:29 am

I certainly agree with Lynda and THANK YOU Stephanie for such a thoroughy comprehensive summary of all relevant factors to consider, along with valuable
references from many credible sources!

I do hope people read ALL the research you have compiled here, to help make fully informed decisions, becoming our own “experts” on the best path to take, rather than blindly trusting/ substituting the judgment of any other
“authority” over our own.

Having always followed the protocol for prevention of influenza, while building my own immunity with super nutrition & proven supplements I see no reason to mess with Mother Nature’s Self Defense plan.

Until Liability Protection for drug & vaccine producers is lifted, I have to ask WHY they would need and/or be granted this? If the vaccines really ARE low risk, relatively safe & free of dangerous contaminants and preservatives that could do harm, I am not convinced that I need to subject my current or future well being to it.

For the past decade, I have not been seriously hit with any of these flu bugs, likely because of the simple & sensible measures taken against these
“super bugs”. So after weighing ALL the data, and risk/ratio, I would prefer to “first do no harm”, especially in light of the well documented track record of Big Pharma!!

Anyone care to challenge my point of view with another perspective?

Head Health Nutter November 8, 2009 at 12:22 am

You’re most welcome, Ladies. This is important information that people should know before getting vaccinated. It’s unfortunate that most of mainstream media has left this out of their programming.

Good question, Dee. If vaccines are so safe, why has the legal system decided to protect it’s manufacturers and distributors from law suits?

I would LOVE to hear reasoning FOR getting vaccinated. So far, I haven’t heard anything comforting or convincing for me to take the risk. MAYBE, if there was a REAL threat…

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman November 8, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks for this post because people need to be empowered to think for themselves and make informed choice. You are helping bring awareness for this current issue Stephanie!


Dee November 10, 2009 at 7:05 am

Most recent article from Dr. Mercola ~ Even if you don’t read the entire article, read the comments at the end! And don’t forget to take your Vitamin D supplements!


Head Health Nutter November 11, 2009 at 1:46 pm

Dee, you’re so awesome for keeping up with Dr. Mercola’s aggressive strategy for informing the public!

And you must be a mind reader. The newest post on Live Lighter is about how vitamin D can save your life: http://livelighter.org/how-vitamin-d-can-save-your-life/.

Wow, just read Mercola’s article and what great news for Canadians! Because of the relevant vitamin D info, I just added Dr. Mercola’s link to the vitamin D post.

Thanks SO MUCH, Dee! 🙂

Dee November 11, 2009 at 2:58 pm

I really appreciate your insights (foresight) and the digging you have done to uncover all this relevant data & practical information on this subject & previous posts! It makes perfect sense to me, and further confirms what some doctors and medical personnel I trust are saying!

I shall re-post this for all my friends who just don’t have the time (or energy) to research everything out there. With so much conflicting data, it’s hard for people to know what to believe!

Personally, I am grateful for your unadultered views and the mission of Live Lighter, built on knowledge & integrity for the greater good health of all.


Head Health Nutter November 17, 2009 at 8:24 pm

You are most welcome, Dee, and thanks for sharing the info with others. 🙂


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