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Summer Gardening: A Fun & Healthy Activity

written by Guest Blogger August 12, 2015

Summer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to nurture your garden. And gardening apparently improves your health so keep reading today’s guest post by Ramsha Noor for the health benefits of gardening as well as tips to grow a healthy garden.

Summer is the best time to bring a little life to your lawn. Gardening is one of the most popular summer activity through which people can enjoy being outside as well as get healthy and fresh vegetables during the nice weather. Unlike the other tough outgoing activities, gardening is one of the enormous ways to enjoy and relax without being worried about suffering from heat enervation.

Gardening also plays a vital role in relieving stress. According to a Dutch research, two groups performed different tasks. One group read indoors and the other group gardened for half an hour. Those who did gardening report better moods than the other group. It was also found that the gardening group had lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone it affects the mood as well as it may also influence immune function, obesity, memory and heart diseases.

Gardening also provides you the opportunity of physical exercise unlike a treadmill gardening also provide motivational perks. According to a Stockholm study, regular gardening can prevent stroke and heart attack and decrease the risk of heart attack by 30% for those who are above 60. According to another long term study inclusive of 3000 older adults for 16 years, it was found that daily gardening reduce the risk of dementia by 36%. In another research it was mentioned daily gardening reduce the risk of dementia by 47%.

If you are inexperienced as a gardener, you need to find out what kind of summer vegetables and fruits you can grow in your garden there are certain things that grow better in a hot season than others. For instance basil, tarragon and oregano are the herbs that grow better in summer and vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and peppers grow great in summers.

The other thing is to choose the best location for your garden and determine how much space is available for your garden. For this, you need a flat space so that the soil will hold water evenly. Also,it’s important to figure it out how much access of direct sunlight you want in your garden. It depends upon the kind of plants you are growing; some plants prefer indirect sunlight so these plants require shade during the day.

The other most important thing is to determine how to maintain the good quality of the soil for your garden vegetables and plants. The three main components of the soil are silt, clay and sand. So it’s necessary to make sure that these all components are in the correct ratio so the soil can hold the water without repelling it. It’s also essential to make sure that the pH of the soil is in the right range and soil has the sufficient amount of essential elements like nitrogen and potassium. Usually summer garden vegetables and plant require plenty of water than others.

The last and the most important thing is to focus on the garden protection from summer pests activity. For a fresh and healthy garden, it’s very important to save your summer garden from pests’ invasion. You can get rid of these harmful pests by using good quality pesticides regularly and by inspection of your summer garden on the regular basis. Before spraying any pesticide, ensure that you are not spraying on spiders and beetles because they might help you in fighting against harmful pests.

Be careful while using sprays containing additives like alcohol, peppers, citrus concentrates and mint oils. These sprays might cause irritation on your skin, nose and eyes.

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Ramsha Noor is a passionate blogger who loves to write on eco-friendly topics. She is an undergrad student of environmental studies.

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