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Struggling to Get Motivated? Add Some Variety to Your Workout

written by Guest Blogger June 15, 2012

As someone who’s experienced in both being on and falling off the health wagon, when I’m on the wagon for 6+ months, adding variety definitely helps in many ways. Here’s a guest article from The Academy Health Club about staying motivated by spicing it up.

Many people set out with the right intentions with the objective of improving their fitness or losing weight but often fail to see it through due to a lack of interest. This isn’t to suggest that the individual themselves lack the motivation to lose weight but rather implies that they’re not thinking outside of the box and adding enough variety to their fitness routine.

This is true of all tasks which involve repetition and is not merely limited to fitness training. Think about your job for a moment, what are the parts of your job that you don’t enjoy doing as much as others. Do they involve elements of repetition? If they do then you’ll appreciate how important variety is in keeping you motivated.

Using the Key Components of Fitness for Mind and Body

By combining a wide range of exercises we can train different muscle groups and improve our cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. There is no denying the importance of this when it comes to the physical side of training but what is often overlooked is how hugely beneficial this can be to the physiological and motivational side of training.

It’s no surprise then that those who have the most success with their training and weight loss are those who you’ll see completing a range of exercises and signing up to a variety of different fitness classes.

Creating a Varied Workout with Circuit Training

One of the most effective ways to vary your workout is to create a circuit where you move from one exercise station to the next. This is an excellent form of conditioning training that typically combines resistance training with high intensity aerobics.

Here’s how a circuit would look for the upper and lower body:


  • Squat ups
  • Bench dips
  • Pull ups
  • Medicine ball chest pass
  • Bench lift
  • Inclined press up


  • Squat jumps
  • Compass jumps
  • Astride jumps
  • Step ups
  • Shuttle runs
  • Hopping shuttles
  • Bench squat

Introduce Yourself to Completely New Exercises

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and introducing your body to a completely new exercise is an excellent way to give you a new sense of motivation and to encourage you to take on, understand and ultimately master a new exercise or sport. Boxercise and Zumba have gained popularity recently largely due to the fresh approach they bring to exercise to combine both fun and fitness.

Another important consideration is that many people have a good level of fitness for the exercise they usually perform but this isn’t necessarily a good indication of their overall level of fitness. The more and more you perform the same exercise the more your body is able to adapt to the same repetitive movements. The end result is that you limit your fitness conditioning, your levels of fitness plateau and you run the risk of injury from excessively exercising the same body parts.

The key is the find a balance that includes exercises that’ll help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals while at the same time keeping you motivated.

About the Author

This article was provided by The Academy Health Club a gym and spa who’s team members are passionate about helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Do you have any tips in how to add variety to your health routine? And it doesn’t have to be about your exercise routine! Tell us about adding variety to your diet, work life, meditation practices or any other part of your routine that keeps you healthy. 

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