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Step Out of `The Meatrix’ & Into the Light

written by Head Health Nutter July 15, 2011

You’ve seen the movie The Matrix but have you met Moofius and the freedom fighters in The Meatrix? They’re revealing the truth about where our eggs, milk and meat come from, and gathering troops (consumers) like us to make a difference. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in this post!

The Meatrix is the fantasy world we live in where we believe our food comes from old fashioned family farms. Take the blue pill with Leo and discover The Meatrix.

We’ve blogged about the importance of consuming quality food and the negative impact factory farming as on our health and the earth in several posts here before on Live Lighter:

Although all of these posts (and video clips) differ, the message is the same: YOU choose what food you eat and which food supply sources you support. Visit themeatrix.com for more info. And a BIG thank you to reader and friend, Leigh, for passing this on to me – now we have a more fun way to spread the word!

Tell us what you think of The Meatrix in the comments below. Will you be passing it on to your circle?

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