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‘Spring Clean’ Your Home with Neo Feng Shui

written by Guest Blogger March 18, 2011

If you plan on spring cleaning your home (find tips in our last post How to Declutter Your Life), you’ll have the perfect opportunity to make your space work for you. Guest blogger and Neo Feng Shui specialist from Denmark, Mette Keating, is here to tell us about Neo Feng Shui®!

“Are you practicing Neo Feng Shui?” my sister asked me. “Am I doing WHAT?” I asked. My sister came by for a visit and had noticed the MAJOR clean up – purging, rearranging furniture, repainting, etc… I was in the middle of a serious spring cleaning.


Before Neo Feng Shui

I was at the end of my maternity leave and had spend a lot of time caring for my baby but also thinking about what was important in my life, how I wanted to live it and felt it was time for a change. For some reason that had naturally led me to work more consciously with my physical space and take action!

My sister provided me with a book on Neo Feng Shui which was the beginning of a completely new and wonderful chapter of my life.

You don’t have to get to that point of no return before creating a physical space that supports you in your life rather than not, just like you don’t to wait for a health issue before you start looking after your eating and exercise habits.


After Neo Feng Shui

What is Neo Feng Shui®?

Neo Feng Shui is a brand new way of working with Feng Shui. It was created for modern people and is based on common sense and individuality. Neo Feng Shui offers simple guidelines that do not involve any particular beliefs or rules. Neo Feng Shui brings you a perspective of how your surroundings affect your lifestyle and how you easily can make changes that will greatly improve your life.

Neo Feng Shui is about becom®ing aware of all the things that make us struggle in our daily lives. It is a simple guide to learning how your surroundings affect you and the way you live. It provides you with greater understanding of how you are affected by your environment. It is also a powerful tool for personal growth and understanding.

Neo Feng Shui teaches you to ‘read’ your surroundings and also learn more about yourself, so that the unconscious becomes conscious. When the knowledge is applied, you will be able to take important steps in your life.

Neo Feng Shui®

Sagar Bohnstad and Bodil Sukul developed Neo Feng Shui in Denmark in 2000 after intensive studies of the classic feng shui. They wanted to address a loss of potential in the ancient wisdom.

Neo Feng Shui excludes the superstition, Chinese beliefs and religious additions placed on Feng Shui over thousands of years and returns to the basic interpretations of physical space, flow, colour psychology, lighting and material. It is influencing people both personally and professionally all over the world.


After Neo Feng Shui

Tips on Neo Feng Shui to get you started:

  1. Stand outside your home as if it was the first time to you are about to enter it. How are you ‘greeted’? Do you have to pass by the garbage bin? Is it easy to come up to the front door? What does the space inside your door look like? Do you have to step over boots, bags, etc. to get in? Is it crowded and disorganized?
  2. Start cleaning up and make your entrance way nice and welcoming to you and anyone else entering your space. Take an observant tour of you home. Enter each space in your home as it was the first time and observe the effect it has on you. This way you find out which areas in your home need attention first.
  3. Imagine that you emptied your home of everything. Then only take the things you really love and want to have back into your home. Not the things you have because of guilt or that you store for others. Give away or sell what you don’t want.
  4. Pay attention to every room and space in your home. If you have storage areas, closets, allies, basements, et. make sure they are organized and that it is easy to find what you need. Remember all clutter effects your subconscious.
  5. Apply things like fresh flowers, plants, pictures or items that make you feel good and happy inside, places where you can easily see them.
  6. When you are lying in bed, what is on the wall you are looking at? It is the last thing you see before going to sleep and the first thing you see when waking up and should be something that inspires you and makes you feel good?

More information and free video tips or e-courses in English about using Neo Feng Shui in your home can be found on the Sagar Bohnstadt website.

About the Author

Mette Keating helps companies bring joy into the workplace with Neo Feng Shui® design. Find more on her website, InDeVision. If you are interested in applying Neo Feng Shui to your work environment in North America, please contact Mette Keating at Mette@indevision.com

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