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So You’ve Got the Muscular Body You Want… Now What?

written by Guest Blogger November 21, 2013

There are countless articles out there on how to get the perfect body that you’ve been dreaming off – on how to develop great thick pecs and bulging biceps, but how many articles are there on what to do next? On what to do once you’ve got the body you want? Today guest blogger, Sally Tait, tells us what the next steps are after you’ve accomplished the body you’ve been wanting. 

The answer is there’s not too many articles indicating what to do next, and there are two reasons for this. The first is that many people never quite reach the goal they set for themselves when they set out to get in shape, and the second is that the people who do reach it often end up wanting more and still aren’t happy.


Of course, this isn’t particularly healthy, so it’s important that you find a better way to react to getting what you want. Here we will look at what you should do once you accomplish the physique you’ve always wanted. Here’s what comes next:

Fall into a Routine

The first thing is to recognize when you’ve reached your goal. This is where you can slow down and drop the insane urge to go to the gym ten times a day. It means that you can generally stop making working out and getting buff your priority. You don’t need to be in pain all the time any more!

(Editor’s Note: here at Live Lighter we recommend a tolerable amount of pain when getting fitter. While there is truth to the adage: ‘No pain, no gain,’ we believe that it’s all about routine and if you experience too much pain, you won’t be motivated to continue working out!)

But that doesn’t mean that you get to stop going to the gym and to hang up your dumbbells, either. If you stop going to the gym, then surprise, surprise, you are going to stop seeing the results you worked so hard for. So instead what you should do is to sink into a good routine that will maintain your muscle while giving you the other important benefits of working out.

Go to the gym every morning for forty minutes then spend some time in the sauna. What you will find is that you end up feeling healthier, more refreshed and more relaxed throughout the rest of the day rather than in immense pain. And your body will thank you for the consistency too – no more over-training and no more placing strain on your heart or tearing muscles. You will never have felt this good…

Bring Everything Else Up to Speed

Now that working out will be an ever-present aspect of your life, it will no longer be in the same focus. This means that you need a focus on which to… focus. Or rather you need several so that you can bring everything else up to the same level.

Start with your clothes. Having gotten swollen, you will probably be looking like a sack of potatoes in most of your clothes. Upgrade those to items that show off your muscle but don’t make you look silly. Additionally you should improve your look in other ways, too. That means that you should hit the dentist if you aren’t too happy with the look of your teeth, and it means that you should consider getting a haircut. With a new body, new veneers and a new haircut can completely transform your look and make you end up feeling like an even bigger winner.

Next, you should start to fit `tidying your house’ into your routine. Now you have a routine that’s easy for you to stick to, it will be easier to add in other routines. Tidying the house for a half an hour before the gym will ensure that you are always on top of what needs doing and that the house looks as great as you do – ideal for coming home and relaxing with a protein shake!

And now you’re going to have lots more energy and confidence too, so you need to start channeling that into your relationships and career. These are the motivating factors that cause many people to want to get strong in the first place, so don’t forget about them in your self-development efforts.

You don’t have to stop or continue at the pace you’ve been going all this time. But please DO recognize when you’re a good size. At that point, it’s time to focus on the other things that matter to you and that will make yourself healthier, stronger and happier as a result. That’s what you do next.

About the Author

Sally Tait, the author of this article, is an intern at, Cosmetic Dentistry Perth, leading providers of teeth whitening and reconstruction along with other dental services. She wishes to obtain a post graduate certification in cosmetic dentistry and start her own practice at a later stage of her career.

Have you ever reached your goals and then been confused as to what to do next? I have, and as a result, went backwards! Thank you, Sally Tait, for sharing with us a few ideas in how to move forward after we’ve reached our fitness goals. Hopefully YOU won’t make the same mistakes as I have in the past. 


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