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Slow Eating: Reduce Stress & Ease Digestion

written by Guest Blogger May 24, 2013

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Well the same goes for eating! Check out these benefits of healthy eating by guest blogger, Jefferey Morgan.

We live in a very fast pace, instant convenience, no waiting world. We typically find ourselves rushing off to the next meeting, practice or function. This results in our meals reflecting this habit, because surely there is no time for counting your chews before you swallow, putting your utensil down between bites or waiting the couple of minutes it takes for your brain to register the food you ate.

Many people find themselves so wrapped up in their work, or other activity, that they do not eat the recommended meals during the day to keep a healthy metabolism. So when they finally crash at the end of the day they are shoveling food in their mouth as if they’re in a pie eating contest.

The nourishment food provides is not only related to keeping us alive, it also triggers our ability to handle stress and our attitudes towards daily situations. Obtaining a healthy and well balanced eating habit is crucial to reducing stress and easing in digestion.

The Diet Bandwagon

It’s safe to say that many of us are constantly jumping on the latest diet craze. But put the money that you were about to spend on the next diet breakthrough back in your pocket and try the simple idea of eating slower. We have all heard the saying “my eyes are bigger than my stomach,” it takes approximately 20 minutes for our brains to register what we have eaten and the level of fullness of our stomachs.

When eating, you don’t need to stuff yourself like you are heading into hibernation. We should eat until we feel content, not overindulged. The best way to accomplish this is by eating slower. Give your brain and your body a chance to register your food intake and let your body be the best way to curve appetite and help with your diet. It might just surprise you how much less your food intake really is if you ate slower. It is suggested to put your utensil down in between bites and really chew your food before swallowing. But merely paying more attention to the act of eating and not stuffing your face like it is the last meal you will ever have, can help immensely in your weight loss goals.

Throw the Pepto out the window

You won’t be needing it anymore when you change your eating habit to a slow and more thoughtful way. Eating slowly prevents upset stomach. Taking the time to let your saliva’s natural enzymes do their job and help with the breakdown of food before hitting the stomach, allows for the stomach to not have to work so hard in breaking down your food.

This ultimately decreases the amount of upset stomachs you may encounter. When taking the time to eat slower you are also cutting down the amount of air that is ingested in your system, which is the direct result of gas, ultimately pleasing your friends and family around you.

Decrease in stress increases focus

Although stressful pressures in our careers and everyday life will always be there, the way you handle them and react to it will lead to a less stressed life. A healthy diet, along with eating slower, is crucial to you being able to deal with the stress.

At work, taking your lunch break allows for your brain to relax and a chance to refocus, ultimately resulting in increase in focus and production. Our brains need the nourishment in order to concentrate and function to handle the tasks at hand. Keeping small snacks at your desk and eating them throughout the day maintains the feeling of contentment and your mind sharp.

So now the challenge is on! Next meal time, implement some of these tips into the way you eat. Eating slower will allow for you to actually taste the food you are ingesting and enjoy it more. Also, concentrate on enjoying the company around you rather than engulfing your face with a spoonful of food.

About the Author

Jefferey Morgan believes in living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy is his top priority. This article was inspired by eating disorders and benefits of eating slowly. He recommends the site ellernmede.org to deal with the eating disorders.

Do you have any benefits of healthy eating that you’d like to add? Or maybe some tips we haven’t heard before?

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